JPATS COMBS III RFP on the street. Proposals due 23 Jan 17.

  • 12 Dec 2016 11:12 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    JPATS COMBS III RFP on the street.   Proposals due 23 Jan 17. 

    Provided via the AFLCMC SB Office – WEBB, ALEXANDRA R GS-07 USAF AFMC AFLCMC/SB alexandra.webb.1@us.af.mil & HALEY, MARY A GS-14 USAF AFMC AFLCMC/AFLCMC/SB mary.haley.5@us.af.mil


    United States Air Force - United States Navy - United States Army

    See link for FedBizOpps information: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=9aafe5497bb36a7e08104866256e3c54&_cview=0


    COMBS Services Overview

    The Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply (COMBS) services contractor (hereinafter “the Contractor”) shall provide a full spectrum of transparent Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to support safe, flyable aircraft to meet users’ daily flight schedule consistent with Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial sector best practices in procuring, producing, and delivering products and services to customers. These SCM activities include, but are not limited to, managing supply and demand, sourcing parts, assembly, disposal, warehousing and inventory tracking, order entry and order management, distribution across all channels, and delivery to the customer. This Performance Work Statement (PWS) delineates the effort required in support of COMBS for the United States Air Force (USAF), United States Navy (USN), and United States Army (USA) T-6A/B/D Texan II Aircraft (hereinafter “T-6A/B/D”) program. The U.S. Government provides Government Furnished Property (GFP) in support of this effort. The GFP is provided only to aid in contract transition and reduce risk. It is expected that the Contractor will perform initial and continuing analysis in determining the appropriate levels of material, spares and equipment required to meet customer performance requirements of this PWS. Additional material, spares and equipment, over the provided GFP, is to be provided by the Contractor as Contractor Furnished Property (CFP). COMBS Services are required for T-6A/B/D aircraft at each of the following Main Operating Bases (MOBs) and other off-station aircraft support as identified in this PWS: Main Operating Bases Columbus Air Force Base (AFB), MS Laughlin AFB, TX Randolph AFB, TX Sheppard AFB, TX Vance AFB, OK USAF Combat Systems Officer (CSO) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, FL NAS Whiting Field, FL NAS Corpus Christi, TX USN Naval Flight Officer (NFO) at Pensacola, FL NAS Patuxent River, MD U.S. Army Aviation Flight Test Directorate (AFTD), Redstone, AL

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