• 17 Feb 2021 8:40 AM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Scott Hopper - scott.hopper@crowley.com

           Seeking Intern

           Tracking Medical IT Opps

           NDIA at APG

           Active at NDTA

    David Hart - David.hart1@tetratech.com

           Luke Schultz, AFLCMC Speaking at Dayton Wright AFCEA (Virtual)https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/event-4158078

           Looking for partners on Army OTA opportunities for modernization

           AFCEA chapter looking to bring in other federal agencies in the Ohio region.

           Dayton Fast Rope has Al Mink lined up to provide comments on software factories?

           Blue Skies

    Adam Sewall- Waterleaf

           Looking for assistance for cyber at JBSA, looking for senior level folks

           Interested in recruiting folks that are separating from the service in San Antonio

    Charles Brice, PE Systems

           HQ in Virginia, largest operations in Dayton Ohio, A&AS, NxGencbrice@pesystems.com

           looking to grow and build new connections


           RS3 Prime

           OASIS SB Pools 4,5a,5b,6, Seaport,

    Vince Holloway, Tetra Tech, vince.holloway@tetratech.com

           Asked about FMS industry day at APG, does anyone have any information on that?

           Bill Montgomery in the APG AFCEA President, it is an active chapter

    Jim Virnarski,  jvinarskai@coleyassociates.com

           Prime on VETS-2

           Training and IT

    Irma Woodruff, Web Head

           Looking for work in DevOps, software development, IT

    James Barrineau, Zanitech IT,  jbarrineau@zantechit.com

           Army growth lead, ITES 3s, OASIS 3, RS3, looking for partners and opportunities in IT and consulting 541611

           Best past performance in Army PEO-ESI at Fort Belvoir

           Looking to prime a PEO-EIS prime XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Kseniya, CGC

           System integration and app dev

           Seeking partners on Oasis Pool 1 or 3

           Seeking Sub role with CIOSP4

           WOSB awaiting vehicles

    Dennis Lucey, Akima

           Scott Hopper Hugs. AF Col at DLA retired.

           Washington Tech, doing business with the Air Force

    Mike Kershner, Cape Fox Federal Integrators, and Alaska 1 (ANC firms)

           IT, RPA SOC, has big IDIQs with Dept of Justice and Navy

           Supporting intern program for Office of Naval Research


    Gus Muller, Savannah Solutions -amuller@savantage.net

           WOSB, SETI work

           Interest in chatting about PEO STRI

           pursue CETA efforts in the Army space.

    Nina Roche

           Graduate student at the University of Maryland, new to the Crowley Business Development Space

    Ron Hartke, Artist technology

           Oasis Pool 1, SEC One IT, GSA MAS 84 for Law Enforcement

           DOE conference, will send link

           Recently graduated 8(a), still an 8(a) on some contract vehicles

    Carl “Shof” Shofner, OST

           New Horizons AFCEA Conferencehttps://www.afcealexcon.org/

           Tracking APG opps as RS3 prime.

           Continue to look for work at APG and other SETA work

    Steve Hannaford, Illumination Works

           Big Data core competency

           DHA Industry Day, slides on the Fast Rope portal.

           SP prime for joint venture

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