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    Fast Rope Portal

    • IMPORTANT: Ensure that your personal profile is up to date with at least your:
    o   Name & Company Name
    o   Email address
    o   Phone number
    o   Address
    o   (Secondarily – mark any additional information that may help others find you)
    • New Fast Rope Capability Exchange
    o   Reoccurs the First Wed of each month, Noon to 1300 EST next one is May 5th
    o   60 minutes, 7 members get 7 minutes to present capability
    o   Intent is to invite government and large integrator SB reps
    o   Inviting select Fast Ropers to present the first sessions
    o   Will learn from those and eventually open up to others
    o    Stand by for more details and a call for presentations
    • Events
    o   To add events to the Fast Rope portal calendar: send event info to Joni.Ahlers@seguetech.com.

    In your request, include:

    • Event Name
    • Registration link

    Needs and Leads

    • Joni Ahlers - Segue Technologies
    • David Hart – Segue Technologies
      • o   Looking for partners to expand our federal footprint outside the AF
    • Dale Hollins – Geneva Software
      • o   Small Business – S & TS cleared employees – Fac Clrnc
      • o   Very strong presence at State Department – 31 years – currently on $100M+ BPA
      • o   Custom Enterprise Software Development – including Agile and DevOps
      • o   Also ancillary services (business process re-engineering, design, test, deploy, O&M, and international trainers)
      • o   CMMI DEV/3, ISO 9001:2015, CMMC 3 ready
      • o   Also presence at CBP (electronic forms) and HUD (Tiers 1 & 2 help desk for a COTS business system provider)
    • Aaron Allgeyer – CGI
      • o   Global company – 77000 employees – CGI Fed is wholly owned subsidiary - $1.5B revenue
      • o   Aaron focused on developing AF opps.
      • o   Pursuing/shaping – LTMS contract at Kessel Run - $642M deal – looking for partners with AOC exp. And/or Kessel Run presence
      • o   Sec/Dev/Ops – 17,000 practitioners agile certified – working on secure data transfer and data analytics
      • o   Contact Aaron via LinkedIn – info also on portal
    • Jinni Amin – Eagle Global Scientific
      • o   8(a) ANC
      • o   CDC & DOD presence
      • o   Life Science, and trying to expand in to analytics and Health IT
    • Neil Cohen – Dynamis
      • o   If you focus on Aberdeen – APBI posted industry day slides at beta.sam.gov – all the different program offices will be posted – medical, IT, SETA, systems
      • o   2021 APG APBI
    • Steve Hannaford – ILW
      • o   Everything data compass – analytics,
      • o   SBEAS prime through a JV
      • o   Yesterday – met with NAVAIR small business office – some of the most helpful ladies he has encountered! Just went to the website, clicked “Doing business with NAVAIR”, completed the form, and was contacted within the hour.
    • Sinclair Harris – LMI
      • o   Been around 61 years
      • o   Logistics, Management Advisory, and Tech advisory
      • o   IMMEDIATE Need: NSF – looking for 8(a) that does diversity/inclusion/equity work.
    • Scott Hopper – Crowley Govt. Sol.
      • o   Opening office in Alexandria – focus on IT
      • o   Biggest IT services provider for TransCom and DLA
      • o   Looking to expand footprint there – looking for partners
      • o   Contract update – the TransCom managed services contracts – looking for partners
      • o https://beta.sam.gov/opp/345c31c7ccc947558541989c67e61a19/view
    • Mike Kershner – Kfox
      • o   2 ANCs – big players in RPA world with Air Natl. Guard and AF
      • o   Also – large IDIQs with DOJ for conferences and events management
      • o   TS Fac. Clr.
    • Frank Konieczny – Private Consulting
      • o   Info in the FR Portal
    • Dennis Lucey – Akima
      • o   ANC
      • o   Call with any questions on the ANC world
    • Jim Marshall – Marshall Consulting
      • o   Independent Proposal Manager
      • o   Worked small companies all the way through some of the largest Government Contractors
      • o   Shipley expert
      • o   Willing to travel anywhere in the country
    • Al Mink – Systems Spirit, Member of DeepWaterPoint
      • o   Independent Consulting across DOD and AF
      • o   Tracking ESD, LT M&S, and C2Set opportunities at Kessel Run
      • o   Several small bus. contracts coming up for ISR and Cyber – “brains in seats” type of SB contracts – contact Al to discuss further.
    • August “Gus” Muller – Savantage Solutions
      • o   In the Financial Services FedCiv space with DHS and DOD SETA support
      • o   ITES 3S prime
      • o   A lot of opps are CPFF – so if you need a woman-owned small business teaming partner, let him know
      • o   Massive Financial Opp – multiple sites, 200 FTE, small bus opp – Partners needed with Federal Financial background
      • o   ITES 3S has been mandated to be leveraged for sourcing – anticipate an increase in vehicle activity going forward
    • Melvin Sassoon – Cougaar Software
      • o   Interested in a separate session via Fast Rope on Back-to-the-Office and/or Hybrid and/or Full Telework processes, legalities, etc. – HR, Legal, and CMMC inputs.
    • John Stanton – (NJ) ARServices
      • o   8(a)
      • o   Int. Logistics / Bus. Transoformation / Logistics
      • o   Deep history and presence in DTRA, DLA, and Dept.
    • Jim Vinarskai – Coley & Assoc.
      • o   SDVOSB
      • o   Training & IT – with focus in Medical IT.
      • o   Would like to get on a CIO-SP4 team. RFP scheduled to come out next week. Strong capability and experience in Medical IT.
    • Rich Mittleman – Choice Cybersecurity
      • o   An RPO, on path to becoming 3CPO
      • o   Can help filing your NIST 171 – no fee for Fast Rope members to take a look at it (precursor to CMMC 3)
      • o   Once you’re compliant with this, you’re very far down the road to CMMC 3. Usually takes about 3-6 months to achieve compliance.
      • o   Next Friday – “Deep Dive” into DISA – run by Glen Robinson / Blue Ridge Consulting

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