Notes from Fast Rope Steering Committee Meeting on 5.3.2021

  • 03 May 2021 2:33 PM
    Message # 10437326
    David Hart (Administrator)

    Nina – Things appear to be going well.

    Joni Ahlers

    • Finding people on the portal seems to be a basic challenge for some folks.
    • Round Table flow needs to focus on needs and leads so everyone can speak.

    Al Mink

    • Knowledge Management System (Portal)
      • Flatten the speed bumps
      • Sign up for the daily recaps
      • List of topics
    • Link to the Directory & Events
      • Email to update profiles

    Connie Crome

    • Geographic Area (Key areas)
      • Keep the focus on whats happening there
    • Consider listing chapters also by Key Customer in addition to location
      • Ex – Fast Rope St Louis (Scott AFB, AMC, TRANSCOM, NGA)

    Dale Hollins

    • Portal – Drilling into a chapter
      • Break out each one with contacts of facilitators
    • Profiles
      • More required fields
    • Member Benefits
      • Access to certain areas
      • Events to attend – members or have a special link to attend as a new attendee

    Joe Diana

    • Recruiting
      • Quarterly Fast Rope job fair
    • Facilitator
      • San Antonio – who subscribes and doesn’t
    • If you have something to be in the notes – email someone

    Joe Dominguez

    • Fast Rope Training – recorded session (Joel Nordstrom) New membership recording (short clips)  

    Richard Goudie

    • YouTube page?
    • Fast Rope Chapter for the South East

    Greg Schwartz

    • Corporate sponsorship  or Upping the individual
      • To support the upgrades

    Billy Grill

    • Involve the SB reps in each area
    • Get the data needs to Billy Grill to break out

    Scott Hopper

    • Small simple, self-sustaining, keep it small
      • Don’t want to lose the small trusted network
      • Categories

    Jim Masonbrink

    • Appreciate the forum.

    Lynn Moad

    • Retirees – what companies are available
      • Resumes – talent leaving the Force
    • Capabilities
      • SB reps
    • NDIA –
      • Fast Rope Rep at their meetings
        • LM to set up a meeting
    • LCID
      • Luke Schultz sets up his agenda, would he add Fast Rope

    Keith Bull Miller

    • Great forum. Relationships and Trust are core to Fast Rope.

Fast Rope

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