Supercharge your internal and client training effectiveness with MyEdMaster AI/ML. Contact us to coordinate a DEMO.

  • 24 Aug 2021 9:52 AM
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    MyEdMaster uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to supercharge the learning effectiveness of traditional textbooks, electronic-textbooks, computer-based instruction,  video-based instruction, simulation-based instruction (including virtual reality and augmented reality).  

    Our technology offers advantages of allowing learners to verbally ask questions during the learning process and receive answers, be verbally assessed and remediated after a lesson to ensure the subject matter was learned, and to engage in practical exercises where their step-by-step work can be evaluated and remediated.  

    Scientifically published results show that our technology outperforms video-based instruction by 80%, electronic textbooks by 300% and even human teachers by 37%.  We are currently partnering with a contractor to enhance the 275 training programs they sell to the government and commercial clients and with Harvard Medical School to implement our technology in medical applications. 

    Reach out to John Leedo @ 571-242-6986 / admin@myedmaster.com or Richard Goudie @ 703-307-4984 /  Richard.Goudie@rdgservicesllc1.com to coordinate a DEMO.  

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