Fast Rope NCR Notes from 1/22/16

  • 27 Jan 2016 6:16 AM
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    Fast Rope NCR,

    Here are my notes from Friday‚Äôs 1/22/16 meeting at Cougaar SW hosted by Melvin and Todd.  Please review and provide edits by tomorrow if required so we can post these to the portal. 

    Fast Rope NCR Notes from 1/22/2016

    Attendees: Todd and Melvin with Cougaar SW, Jason-IMG, Kristian-MasterMind,Terry-Proposal & Capture Support (TATI, Tassa), Fabian-NES, Mike D-NT Concepts, and Richard-OpTech.

    Conference Line: Jim Marshall-Independent Proposal and Capture Support, Chris Hart-GenTech, Paul-ANS, Stephanie Brodie-AvantGarde


    -Melvin provided a MCAP brief (Cougaar SW capabilities).  See 3rd attachment.  Adaptive planning, MCAP, MPP3 LOGSA, CADES ARDEC Class 5 planning, Air Force Operations Center Planning RFI due 2/12/16.  Approached CBP, FEMA and TSA potential targets, Call Melvin.  


    -Jim Marshall-Shipley Certified CM, DOD, Air Force, Information Operations, Proposl and Capture Support.  

    -Chris Hart-GenTech Associates, DOD Financial Mgmt, Audit Readiness, Engineering Support, DFAS in Indianapolis, Interior.


    -Paul-ANS-Cyber Security, NRO, DRO, CIA.

    -Mike-NT Concepts-USACE, DOD IC, Army G6, OPM CIT.  IT70 adding new SIN with LCAT tied to DHITS.  RFI response due in 1 month.  See 1st and 2nd attachments.   


    -Jason-IMG-Army, IT, Cyber, Asset Mgmt.

    -Terry-Proposal and Capture Support, supports TATI and Tassa.  Working CIOSP3 currently.  

    -Fabian-NES-Army, DISA, DLA, FBI, PEOEIS, CONUS & OCONUS, #1 CIOSP3 SB currently, Priming ITES3S and DISA ENCORE 3, network, cyber, CIO G6 Focus.  Also provided an outstanding Fast Rope briefing.  


    -Kristian-MasterMind Media-USCIS ESB, Agile.


    -Richard-OpTech-DHS Eagle 2 8a prime, Seeking USCG partners with experience in West Virginia, cyber, IT, Health IT, Energy IT, Banking IT.


    -Stephanie-AvantGarde-Discussed "Similarly Situated Entities" tied to limits on subcontracting.  Confirming a 51 % 8a prime can share with another 8a in terms of work share.  


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