Tampa Fast Rope Meeting Jan 20, 2016

  • 27 Jan 2016 6:22 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Notes for First Meeting of Tampa Bay Fast Rope Group 1/20/2016 8AM at Venatore offices in Ybor City, FL.

    Attendees (10):


    • 1.      JR Morell, Venatore – business development.
    • 2.      Debra Foster, DebFoster Consulting
    • 3.      Sharon Ashley – friend supporting Debra, she works at VA, retired AF.
    • 4.      David Hart – started late 2009, Segueway Tech – primarily AF in IT – on Netcents 2 – if you are purchasing IT services, support in AF you are on this vehicle – using the SB people for it – based Arlington but he is at Wright Pat.  Some DLA, some OSD.  All over the country – FL, TX, Colorado Springs, O’Fallon IL, CMI3.  Anything in AF at WP – reach out to David
    • 5.      Fabian Plath– NES Associates – Army, DISA, DLA and DCMA, just started FBI contract.  Network engineering and architecture.  Pre-commissioning CONUS/OCONUS – primarily Army.  Supporting Army Ft Belvoir.  Many retired Army in the company.   Growing by delivering outstanding services.  Works with Army in general – PEO – on way to Huntsville to hear Army industry briefing.  DC event – in mid Feb Settle Networks – including Jack Wilmer, etc.; David showed the member profile in portal – open to anyone to search – his bio, his photo, NES profile.  Basic search or advanced search including contract vehicles and contacts.
    • 6.      JR does BD and capture for Venatore.  Enterprise IT Support services –cyber and records mgmt.  Enterprise IT service admin, leader network defense, data center consolidation.  Supporting COCOMs in TPA (SOCOM, CENTCOM some SOUTHCOM), expanded to DISA, some Army; recently tasked to do cyber on some commercial work on healthcare and financial services. Met David a couple years ago – thanks for David and Debra for starting a Tampa Bay group.
    • 7.      Jenny Clark, Solvability – support small businesses in federal contracting with accounting systems, indirect rates, DCAA Compliance.  Holding an event called i4GovCon Summit in Tampa on March 24, 2016 (www.i4govcon.com )
    • 8.      Marnice Miller – HCRC; HR – retired at DIA – supported SOCOM and CENTCOM – GS15 HR consultant.  Most of work private and in DC area – some opportunities with primes in DC.  Recruiting – HR generalist – full range – invested in INTEL – strong DIA, standup of DHS.  Hard to break into 3 letter agency (David).
    • 9.      Jeff Young – Marjau.  Part of Defense Executive Coffee Club – small software company doing work at VA and SOCOM.  Hard to justify travel for meeting individuals – broadening network. Great relationships with SOCOM and VA.
    • 10.   Steve with Micro Systems Automation Group; certified CMMI2 – State Department awards for excellence.  Won on Oasis contract – AF and Army and DOD using.  AF is putting $7B on Oasis. 2 Tasks for $26 Million.  Going to San Antonio.  Easy to work with Oasis.  In Pool 1 SDVOSB with set asides and sole source.  OASIS allows some products as ODC. Originally designed for hybrid tasks – can do professional services.
    • 11.   Deb Foster – facilitator.  From Dayton – met David at WPAFB – went to Gunter AFB in 2008 then retired as GS15 and started company in August. Consulting for Acquisition management, BD, Customer relationship management.  Was Division Chief for Enterprise Services – on netcents.  Moving to Tampa.  Networking – AFCEA.  Thanks to all for coming out to this session, especially JR for hosting and getting the word out.  Attending the AFCEA meeting – presentations – some networking – also NDIA and WID.  Going to have government forum soon with Socom setting up APT – Acquisition Panel Talks last wed of each month with Q&A and afternoon white paper discussions.  Add Fastrope for industry to industry B2B and face to face – take your capabilities to APT meeting –help fill in the gaps of capabilities.  Partnering, teaming and even resumes – must have certain skill set for SOCOM but not all of it may be in Tampa – connect with 11 Fastropes around the nation.  Posted on portal.  Exposure to rest of folks around nation. 
    • 12.   David Hart – Segue Technologies: will be in Colorado Springs to Cyber conference –spending $1500 to$2000 to be at a single conference.  Transcom Industry day – members there – share info – no relationship with – contact one of the facilitators.
    • 13.   Al Mink - Al is one of original founders of fast rope dc – food court of Pentagon City Mall – invited others in.  Al strong back ground DISA (Fabian founded DC fastrope – Army.)  Sparking discussions – fruitful for all because someone brought it up – sharing information.  Come to meetings with something to share –industry days, new people, info about re-competes.  Portal is just technology – facilitates the communication – was rebranding defense experts coffee club.
    • 14.   Fabian – asked what Fastrope has meant to you.  Joined 3-4 years ago.  Impressed by amount of info shared – smaller group – rundown of industry day and analysis.  Replicate where you can be.  Folks at events know their “space” and learn to trust – biggest change to how he does biz is how teams form with smaller number of firms with known strengths and weakness. Form fast teams and relationships.  Join as many as possible.  Anyone with Army or DC area talk to Fabian.  Friday Fastrope DC – dial in number on portal.
    • 15.   Al – 21 yrs AF combat pilot – defense and intel for Unisys and later SRA. Emphasize that built on trust and connections.  Accelerate, collaborate and win by 2 things – sharing in trusted environment and ability to connect to a team – that is the takeaway – high ROI – cost efficient and time efficient considering how much stuff is going on.  SRA – good because not too many larges – helped to interact with smalls.  As consultant he can share and sometimes it’s a fastrope colleagues. 
    • 16.   Dave – Portal – how to get fully engaged. History is grassroots – quality not quantity – no marketing or advertising – let people know if you find someone who can share info.  Charge annual dues of $75 – portal and toll free # -- but now wants to cover the costs – gone thru rebranding – COTS – wild apricot.  President of Dayton AFCEA.  No “corporate” – will be run by facilitators.  There is a steering committee – Fred Shide, Fabian, Bull Miller, Wes Mongo, two joes and Al Minke (Jenny missed the other names.).  Giving back piece – veterans advocacy – he was Army ranger – consider veterans advocacy – he did weekend this summer – gold star families – country music as part of skydiving team in 2002 – most active team in the world – including NASCAR races – military.  Lots of vets and special operators.  Would probably direct any money generated from this to charity.  Can choose Individual membership as government or industry.  Government can’t see member forums and they are not charged.  Anyone can view – only put your profile in if paid. Geographically probably need to be local in order to work due to the Face to Face.  Nothing in NC.  2014.  Full time BD guy  – 70 proposals submitted last year. Whatever happens he is just trying to facilitate the growth – key is the person. Member directory – update profile – he is in Dayton.  Just migrated portal.  About 50-60 updated – over 300 total. Loading some industry events and Fastrope meetings. SA has no dial in (Mama’s café)
    • 17.   Resources is where forums are. Helpful links just getting started – PTAS, etc.  FastRope meeting minutes – members can search and view from other meetings and will go to member e-mail blast.  Example – St Louis and Indianapolis – notetaker helpful.  Need to be specific – send them link – miss a lot.  Getting links afterward is really helpful. Stephanie Brody is looking for STARS 8a prime – call to action for IT project lead in Dayton.  May do daily morning e-mail – he gets lots from AF.  Needs and Leads – share with fastrope.  Website has blog capability.  Problem – most people don’t do it, not adopting technology. On resource there is acquisition forum for ITES2, etc.  Uploaded DISA slides. Teaming forum.  Members must select.  Open Job and Seeking employment.  Immediate needs – want to touch members but not spam – waiting until he has something valuable to share – maybe a morning coffee type notice and could add Member Profile.
    • 18.   Adds updates from multiple sources but some become too high level so he just deletes – trying to find items that are actionable at smaller level – from other sources.
    • 19.   Value in relationships and information sharing and face to face meeting.  Knowledge is power and relationships are KING.  Painful process to get your name and you capability out there – must build trust with face to face and being helpful – nothing confidential or proprietary and being willing to help.
    • 20.   Debra – relationships and trust are KEY so more likely to share.  About the bottom line but other things related to sharing business.   Example: MGY information tech conference with several thousand may 23 this year – used to have AF in IT =-last week in August – also MGY chamber making MGY next Silicon valley – 11 colleges and universities – come up with communal grid with universities and government and industry to share info and pulling in HSV and others – looking for people to partner.  Another example: MGY AFITC – based on cyber this year – looking for industry speakers – sent notice thru Fast Rope to find speakers.  Similar group in MGY is MGY industry partners connected to Dayton also.  Gunter and part of WPAFB were on the BRAC list – gray beards went to local political contingents in both locations and lobbied to be removed from BRAC – so impact is greater than just industry to industry.
    • 21.   DAVE – government guests sometimes come to fast ropes – not set up like formal – no slides – maybe small biz director for informal discussion and updates.  Annual updates example AF Material Command.  Industry event is 1500 people where this is under 20 people.  Debra spoke to MGY industry group about NetCents2. Acquisition planning talks. 
    • 22.   Dave – three letter agencies – make that Marnice’s swim lane and intel and industry days and changes.  Good to know stuff – not competitive.  Only 3 letter agencies that have small business goals are: NSA, NGA, NRO & DIA. SOCOM and CENTCOM fall under DIA.
    • 23.   Dave’s philosophy – it will probably be bigger than expected – goal is on quality – appreciate people who appreciate people.  More useful than industry days and conferences listening to speakers – three days of PPT – read it and create new psychobabble – people are the interesting part.

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