Fast Rope Dayton Notes for 2.8.16

  • 08 Feb 2016 12:48 PM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    David Hart and Lynn Moad, Facilitating


    -        Guest Dr.  Mary Haley, AFLMC, Director of Small Business

    o   Email: mary.haley.5@us.af.mil - Phone: 937-904-5999

    o   Looking to increase communication

    o   Goal to create an opportunity tool to provide proactive awareness of pending requirements

    o   Open up opportunities between primes and subs

    o   Sep 14-16, AFCLMC Industry Day – 15th is SB Summit

    §  Pending Panel, growing from small to mid-size

    §  In parallel with the AF Marathon.

    §  15 minute capability briefs

    o   AFMC seeking HUB Zone companies

    o   GSA EPASS Poole 6 8a getting ready to onramp

    -        Jim Marsh, San Antonio, looking for proposal work

    -        Ron Hartke, Ardent Technologies, 8a (1/2 Through)

    -        Rick Reed, Sable Systems, 8a Women Owned

    -        John Joyce, Spec Pro, ANC

    -        Mary Haley, AFLCMC, see above.

    -        Howard Creek, Evanhoe Associates

    o   CIOSP3, RFQ in Feb-March 2016

    o   Look at the old RFQ

    -        Lynn Moad, LBM Consulting

    o   Rich Aldrich, New PEO BES

    o   MRO Government Only Summit

    -        Steve Hannaford, Illumination Works

    -        Fred Scheyd, Consulting, EEMB Tuesday this week.

    -        David Dodds, ICS

    -        Bob Fudge, Evanhoe

    o   Full Service IT

    o   AIT, IUID, Full print in Robbins AFB

    -        Chuck Evanhoe, 8a, Stars, Seaporte

    -        Glenn Luehmann, O’Neil and Associates

    -        David Hart, Segue Technologies (See Fast Rope Portal for Details and llinks www.FastRope.org)

    o   AFCEA Valentines Ball, Feb 13

    o   New Horizons, Boston March 1-2

    §  MG  Dwyer Dennis replacing MG Olson

    o   AFCEA TechNet Air 2016, March 22-24, San Antonio

    §  All AF CIOs

    o   AFCEA Golf Outing June 13, Walnut Grove

    o   MITS, May 23-26, 2016

    o   ESCAPE RFP ETA March 2016

    o   New Fast Rope Chapters: Tampa, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus

    o   Bill Harrison, AFRL SB

    §  Small Business Hub is awesome. Jim Masonbrink supporting

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