Fast Rope Directory being searched by Air Force for Capability

  • 23 Feb 2016 10:20 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Air Force using Fast Rope Directory: We've had several  meetings with Air Force Small Business Officers and they are very interested in searching our member directory for capability and look to encourage other government people to do so as well. 

    On your Profile: Your profile allows you to input detailed information about your companies capabilities, contracts, socio-economic status, certifications, past performance summary and other useful information. However, they can't search information that's not there, so you will  have to update your  profile if it isn't updated already.  You can search my profile to see an example - David Hart)

    Government to Industry Forum: Upon request I have also added a Government to Industry Forum for Government to post requirements and notices. Starting with the Air Force because that is who expressed interest first, primarily AFMC, AFRL and AFLCMC.

    Good to know:
    • The Member Directory is open to the public and searchable by anyone.
    • The Government to Industry Forum is open to the  public. Government post the topics.
    • The Fast Rope Events page is open to the public.
    • The Industry to Industry Forums are view able only by Industry Members, and not view able by the general public and not by government members.
    • Industry dues are $75/annual, Government is no charge.
    Have yourself a great day!

    David Hart, First Fast Roper


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