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    Montgomery Industry Partners (MIP) is a stand-alone informal association of both Montgomery area industry partners as well as the Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex community.  We are not affiliated with any other organizations.

    NEXT MIP meeting: 18 March 2016 0615, Building 500 Interstate Park, Room 507

    Lee Terrell (TSCTI), Arnie Regan, John O’Connor (Windmill)

    No meeting 25 March 2016 (Good Friday) for the Easter Weekend!

    The MIP notes are intended for local Montgomery area Industry and Government Partners.  Recipients may choose to forward.  Any email lists associated with MIP should not be forwarded or shared outside of MIP

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    If you have an item that should be included in the notes, please email that to MIPDistro@gmail.com NLT than 5 PM the day before a MIP meeting.  This will insure accuracy when being posted to the notes.  Thank you!

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    • ·       From the AFA Daily Digest
    • ·       Hanscom gets new office for Nuclear C3.  The Air Force will base a new program office for nuclear command and control at Hanscom AFB, Mass.  The Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Integration Directorate and Program Executive Officer will oversee the acquisition and integration of programs that handle communications between senior leaders and US nuclear forces, according to a release from the Massachusetts political leadership.  "Modern, effective communications technologies between the President and our military leaders are crucial to safely managing our nuclear capabilities," Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) said in the release.  The office will include more than 40 positions at Hanscom, along with another 40 positions with local contractors, according to the release.  Hanscom will not house actual nuclear weapons.  (7 March 2016)
    • ·       Airmen compete in AF Wounded Warrior Trials.  More than 100 wounded airmen recently competed in the Air Force Trials—an adaptive sports event—at Nellis AFB, Nev., for a chance to participate in the 2016 Wounded Warriors games.  Athletes competed in seven events during the trials, which ran Feb. 26-March 3, including archery, basketball, cycling, track and field, swimming, shooting, and volleyball.  "We have this [opening] ceremony to honor these wounded warriors, because we know it took a lot of courage to come here and compete," said Marsha Gonzalez, Air Force Warrior Care Division deputy, in a release.  "We want them to know the Air Force still supports them and will continue to support them throughout this week."  Competitors representing the Air Force team, to be announced at a later date, will compete against Army, Navy, Marine, and Special Operations Command wounded warriors at the DoD Warrior Games in June at the US Military Academy at West Point.  AFA's Wounded Airman Program and Deloitte joined together to support the two-week event by assisting with the closing ceremony and other supporting events.  The Wounded Airman Program (WAP), in partnership with the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) program, provides support through financial aid, caregiver support, and on-site support at adaptive sports camps and the Department of Defense Warrior Games.  (8 March 2016)
    • ·       Horner on Cyber.  The biggest stumbling block in future conflicts will be cyber operations, retired Gen. Chuck Horner said Wednesday in Washington, D.C.  Speaking at an AFA Mitchell Institute event about Desert Storm, during which he served as the air boss, Horner said the US did cyber operations in that conflict "very poorly," because of a lack of interagency coordination.  "I learned this: Don't ever ask permission.  Just do it, and apologize afterwards."  Horner said cyber will continue to be a challenge because it is "way too classified," and there continues to be a divide between the intelligence community and the operations community.  "We've got to start talking, … we've got to lower classifications, because believe me, everybody else is doing it," Horner said.  "I'm very, very, very worried about cyber operations. (8 March 2016)
    • ·       AFITC is BACK!!  Registration for AFITC is now open.  Go the new AFITC website at  http://www.au.af.mil/cybercollege/afitc.  Additionally, there's an organizational email set up now (AFITC@us.af.mil ); please feel free to pass this along as well if people have any questions, doubts or comments regarding the conference.  Keep your calendars open for the week of 29 August – 1 September 2016.  (11 March 2016)
    • ·       SBA Adds and Changes Industry Code Eligibility for the ED/WOSB Program.  Debra Watkins forwarded a release from the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce on some changes in the SBA programs for women owned businesses.  See the end of the notes for the information and links to the expanded items. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       STEM Initiative.  ASU will be hosting a conference to foster STEM initiatives for HBCU institutions next week. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       Montgomery Transit App Developer Event.  In the spirit of honoring the 60th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, an invitation is being extended to the tech, developer and design communities of the greater Montgomery AL/River Region to attend this upcoming training event that will also serve as a vehicle for attendees to network among their technical peers.  The Mayor and leadership team of the City of Montgomery through their relationship with the public transit management platform provider Transloc have afforded the regional software developer community access to the transit data of MATS' motorized fleet, better known as "The M."  During this workshop session a representative of Transloc will provide a detailed technical walk through and answer any and all questions concerning the particulars of their OpenAPI.  This will be held on 17 March 2016, 1130 to 1300 at 111 Washington Avenue, Montgomery.  For more information and to register for the event - https://transloc-mats-openapi.eventbrite.com. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       Montgomery Zoo Weekend.  This coming weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1800) will be Montgomery Zoo Weekend.  Proceeds from the weekend will be used to get the Sting Ray exhibit done.  This has been a long time coming, and they are getting close to having enough to build it.  The Zoo does not introduce new exhibits until they have raised sufficient funds to pay for it; they don't incur debt to bring these exhibits.  There will be lots of games for the kids, docents will have various zoo inhabitants (not Aubie or Big Al) for visitors to learn about up close.  There will be a huge bake sale so tell everyone to bring sweet teeth and money for that.  It will be a great time for parents to bring their kids, and for grandparents to have a really quality day with their grandchildren. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       AFCEA.
    • ·       The Montgomery Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Education Foundation is again offering a Summer Intern Program to local graduating high school students.  Each student receives $3500 from the employer for a 10-week work period, a $2500 scholarship and laptop from AFCEA.  Last year we were able to place four interns within AFCEA member companies here in Montgomery!  We are seeking company sponsors for this year's summer internship program.  Applications have already been sent out to local high schools and we expect to receive a great offering of students to select from.  If you are interested in this wonderful program, please contact Charisse.stokes@telos.com. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       Chamber of Commerce. Details and registration for these events can usually be found at www.montgomerychamber.com. Select “View Calendar” from the left side of the home page below the “Calendar of Events” listing for a full summary of upcoming events.
    • ·       Cyber ForumAre you ready for the effects of a large-scale cyber attack? Col. Howard Ward, former director of Air University's Wargaming Center, will discuss preparing for cyber attacks and what businesses and communities can do if an attack occurs.  23 March 2016 from 0800-0900 at the Small Business Resource Center, 600 South Court Street.  $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers.  Register at https://www.montgomerychamber.com/2016-events/-cyber-forum-i?erid=2883226&trid=002907e4-e4f1-430b-9ff1-f7447ec71c0e  (4 March 2016)
    • ·       Business Planning Seminar.  The Chamber of Commerce will hold a Business Planning Seminar Monday 21 March 2016, 1600-1730 at the Small Business Resource Center, 600 South Court Street.  Another session will be held on 4 April, same time and place (11 March 2016)
    • ·       Business After Hours will be hosted by Lanark Nature Park, 3050 Lanark Road, Millbrook, on 31 March from 1700 to 1900. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       MOAA The April MOAA Luncheon will be on 14 April 2016 at the Maxwell Club.  The speakers will be Dr. David Sorenson from the Air War College.  Make reservations by 8 April with John O’Connor (sactrndklr@gmail.com 334.220.6532).  (11 March 2016)
    • ·       PMI Dinner meeting will be 14 April 2016 beginning at 1730 at the RSA Plaza, 1730 Washington Street, on the 6th Floor.  Register at www.pmisouthalabama.org. You do not have to be a PMI member to attend. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       AFA Issues Luncheon.  The Air Force Association Chapter 102's USAF Issues Luncheon will be held on 30 March.  Guest Speaker will be Maj Gen Timothy Leahy, Commander, LeMay Center & Vice Commander Air University.  This event will be held in the Maxwell AFB Club Ballroom. Show time will be 1100 - 1130 with the event kicking off at/about 1130. Go to https://s01.123signup.com/Member?PG=1531364182400&P=15313641339580781420427500&Info to sign up. (19 February 2016)
    • ·       Electronic Fingerprinting.  Effective October 1, 2016, all fingerprints associated with Submitting Office Number (SON) 346W must be submitted electronically to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  All hardcopy fingerprint submissions and investigation requests will be rejected if OPM does not receive an electronic fingerprint within 14 days of the investigation submission date.  (4 March 2016)
    • ·       One source locally is the UPS Store on Atlanta Highway, east of the Publix Shopping Center.  They have the equipment in place.
    • ·       13th Annual Unisys Golf Tournament.  Once again Unisys will host a golf tournament to benefit the AFCEA Education Foundation.  This year’s event will be at Arrowhead Country Club on April 29th, with registration fees at $75 per person.  See the flyer and registration form attached to this week’s notes.  (4 March 2016)
    • ·       10th Annual ICS Golf Tournament.  The Annual ICS Golf Tournament to befit the AFCEA Scholarship Education Foundation will be Monday, 16 May at Wynlakes, with all proceeds going to the foundation.  There are numerous sponsorship opportunities again Unisys will host a golf tournament to benefit the AFCEA Education Foundation.  This year’s event will be at Arrowhead Country Club on April 29th, with registration fees at $75 per person.  See the flyer and registration form attached to this week’s notes.  (4 March 2016)
    • ·       MITS. The Sponsorship Committee has started planning for next year’s MITS in May (23-26).  As companies finalize their marketing budgets for 2016, be sure you keep MITS at the top of your agenda.  Several of the sponsorships have already been spoken for.  For information on sponsorships go to http://www.afceamontgomery.org/Sponsorships or email mitsgolf@afceamontgomery.org.  Mr. Rich Aldrich (PEO/BES) has invited the NETCENTS-2 primes Chief Executive Officers to attend a meeting during MITS to discuss the contracts.  He has also indicated that he will resume the contractor outreach events. (19 Feb 2016)
    • ·       National Cyber Summit ’16.  The National Cyber Summit will be held this year at the von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL 8-9 June 2016.  Further information, including the working agenda, etc. can be found at www.nationalcybersummit.com. (11 March 2016)
    • ·       Open House at Maxwell in 2017.  In the planning stages is an open house at Maxwell scheduled for 17 April of 2017, with an appearance by the Thunderbirds. (8 January 2016)
    • ·       Visitors:
    • ·       Martin Bush mbush@redhat.com and Robert Persinger rlp@redhat.com from RedHat.
    • ·       Personnel.
    • ·       Mr. Marty Toland currently works in the PEO-BES IT Commodity Council office.  He has worked on all of the Air Force Desktop and Laptop programs since 1984.  The retirement ceremony honoring Mr. Toland is on 18 March 2016, 1000, at the BES Auditorium Maxwell-Gunter, AL. The ceremony is open to friends and former co-workers.
    • ·       Position(s) Available:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day


    SBA Adds and Changes Industry Code Eligibility for the ED/WOSB Program

    In response to the Congressional mandate that the Small Business Administration complete a new study to determine industry eligibility for the ED/WOSB set-aside program, the Small Business Administration worked with economists at the Department of Commerce to complete the study. This study was completed 12/31/15. Yesterday, the SBA released the results and set forth the process to publish a new set of industry NAICS codes eligible for ED/WOSB set-aside contracts.

    Most importantly, for women-owned firms, we have compiled a complete list of eligible NAICS reporting both the old list of eligible NAICS along with the new list and any changes between WOSB and EDWOSB eligibility. There are numerous changes and we recommend you review these. If your firm was eligible for only EDWOSB set-asides, you may find that your NAICS has been changed to WOSB. You may also find that your NAICS is no longer eligible at all for the program. And, if your firm’s NAICS have not been on the list of eligible industries, you may find that one or more of your NAICS are on the list. [Special note for existing EDWOSB certified firms: EDWOSB certified firms are automatically eligible for the WOSB set-asides.]

    Below are a number of links:

    · Here is the compiled list of NAICS.

    · Here is the new list of WOSB NAICS.

    · Here is the new list for EDWOSB NAICS.

    · Here is a spreadsheet that details each industry NAICS showing the "Old” status and "New” status along with the Odds Ratio, Total Number of WOBs, etc.

    · Here is a complete copy of the Dept. of Commerce study.

    · Here is a copy of the regulatory comments filed by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce regarding ending self-certification.

    The SBA is indicating these new NAICS will be effective immediately upon being published.

    Additionally, the SBA is claiming they have met the 5% goal for contracting with women-owned firms for the first time. The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce would strenuously disagree. Given that the SBA does remarkably little verification of women-owned assertions, the GAO and Inspector General have found the ED/WOSB program to be full of fraud and misattributions, and given the billions of dollars reported as misattributed "small business” awards reported by Inspector General offices government wide, it cannot be reasonably found that 5% of federal contract award dollars are flowing to women-owned small business. We believe the percentage awarded to women-owned small businesses to be, at a minimum, 50% inflated.

    Other observations from the new report and selection of industry codes:

    1.      Overall, the new list of industry codes increases the overall number of eligible firms for the ED/WOSB program by about 13%. The number of eligible firms (currently in SAM) has increased from 275,338 to 310,719.

    2.      The number of EDWOSB eligible industries has been slashed in half - - with most of the industries moving to WOSB eligibility. About 27 NAICS went from WOSB to EDWOSB. And about 139 NAICS went from EDWOSB to WOSB.

    The Department of Commerce used a different assessment model for determining eligibility – and still failed to consider the universe of firms outside of those currently registered in the SAM government database. We consider this to be a continued suppression of our "ready, willing and able” status. After decades of discrimination, after the government sees that women owned firms are 21% less likely to receive government contracts – the government still fails to acknowledge that the universe of "ready, willing and able” firms should take into consideration the whole marketplace of firms. Thousands of firms undoubtedly have come and gone from the federal database due to frustration and discrimination. And thousands more don’t even bother as they see the abysmal performance of the federal government in meeting goals for contracting with women-owned firms.



    10th Annual ICS AFCEA Golf Tournament

                    Wynlakes Country Club


    Date:   Monday, May 16, 2016

    Time:  11:00am Registration

    11:30am Lunch & Games

    12:30pm Shotgun Tee Off

    5:30pm   Awards & Raffle

    Where: Wynlakes Country Club Montgomery, AL

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