STATUS OF GSA ALLIANT 2 GWACs RFP— The timing of the official A2/A2SB RFPs’ release date is now anticipated for the second half of June 2016

  • 22 Apr 2016 12:04 PM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Interact Questions #46 - Update Status on the Official RFP Release Date of the GSA A2 & A2SB GWACs

    Submitted by Alliant 2 Blogger on Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 11:54 AM

    There has been much speculation in recent months heard from the information technology services industry and seen in the press concerning the official release of the General Services Administration (GSA) Alliant 2 (A2) and Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Request for Proposals (RFPs). In an effort to communicate to industry and other interested parties with an acceptable degree of transparency on the status of this pending procurement, I am providing this unofficial announcement to addresses some of those questions. ü

    ·        Where does GSA stand in the development of the RFPs?

    The two (2) separate solicitations are currently moving through the required review processes, which include many government stakeholders, boards, acquisition council meetings and other forums. Therefore, the solicitations remain in a dynamic state and will continue in that state until the date that the official RFPs are released.

    ·        Why is GSA not telling the public what revisions were made or are still being considered since the 2nd DRFPs were released on 15 October 2015?

    Because of the dynamic nature of solicitation documents during this pre-solicitation phase, the GSA chooses not to publically reveal any of the day-to-day discussions, decisions or changes emerging in the final presolicitation stages. In short, the solicitations are still a work-in-progress; thus, it is not in the best interest for the GSA to publically reveal information in the RFPs that is not yet completed, approved, or reviewed. ü

    ·        My company has questions and comments about A2/A2SB and wants GSA’s time to discuss this procurement in person, phone, or email?

    The A2/A2SB Acquisition Team has invested over three years into market research and exchanges with industry, including industry days, industry trade group appearances, face-to-face one-on-one meetings, email questions and answers (Q&As), industry feedback and comments, issuing seven (7) separate Requests for Information (RFIs), two (2) comprehensive and complete Draft RFPs (DRFPs), interviews with federal acquisition community publishers and broadcasters that have been presented via video, radio, magazines, and other media. This phase of market research and open communications during this thoughtful long and intensive acquisition planning period has concluded and provided significant benefits. However, there will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A once the official RFPs are released and at a pre-proposal conference prior to receipt of proposals.

    ·        My company is in the process of preparing their proposal now. Can we use the forms and templates from previous draft RFPs (DRFP), obtaining required signatures from contracting officers so that our company can have a head start?

    No, it is absolutely not recommended. After all, those were drafts. The A2 & A2SB Procuring Contracting Officers (PCOs) have frequently cautioned industry that a DRFP is for market research and that the probability of significant changes made from DRFPs to the official RFPs is very high. Therefore, only forms or templates attached to the official RFPs will be accepted from an offeror’s proposal; otherwise, any documents and draft templates from DRFPs with or without signatures will be rejected.

    ·        When will the GSA release the two official RFPs?

    The timing of the official A2/A2SB RFPs’ release date is now anticipated for the second half of June 2016. So, GSA plans RFP postings in the general period of time as originally forecasted. Two (2) separate FBO presolicitation announcements will be posted on Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) on or about the same day, at least 15 calendar days prior to the RFPs’ release date; however, there is always the probability that the A2 & A2SB PCOs will choose to release the FBO presolicitation announcements greater than 15 days prior to that RFP release date. The official A2 & A2SB RFPs will both be released on FBO to the public on the same day.

    This blog was written with the intent to help answer a few of the general questions that are on the minds of potential offerors and interested parties. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further details at this time. Thank you!

    - John Cavadias, PCO

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