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    Montgomery Industry Partners (MIP) is a stand-alone informal association of both Montgomery area industry partners as well as the Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex community.  We are not affiliated with any other organizations.

    NEXT MIP meeting: 3 June 2016 0615, Building 500 Interstate Park, Room 507

    Lee Terrell (TSCTI), Arnie Regan, John O’Connor (Windmill)

    No MIP Meeting  Next Week -- 20 May (MITS) -- or 27 May (Memorial Day Weekend)

    The MIP notes are intended for local Montgomery area Industry and Government Partners.  Recipients may choose to forward.  Any email lists associated with MIP should not be forwarded or shared outside of MIP

    FROM the Editor:

    If you have an item that should be included in the notes, please email that to MIPDistro@gmail.com NLT than 5 PM the day before a MIP meeting.  This will insure accuracy when being posted to the notes.  

    CHANGING EMAIL ADDRESS?  Send an email to MIPDistro@gmail.com with the old and new addresses.  It will be updated within a few days.

    RESUMES:  If you want to pass along a resume for distribution, you can also send that directly to MIPDistro@gmail.com. As we mentioned a few months ago, if the resume is for someone you are trying to help, suggest you do a little “peer review/QC” before forwarding on.  Some of the resumes of late that have been received could have used some help.  (Actually, some could have used a LOT of help!)

    Thank you!

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    • ·       From the AFA Daily Digest
    • ·       Don’t Be Afraid To Share.  In a recent two-day wargame hosted by the Air Force Cyber College, cyber experts from the CIA, FBI, Goldman Sachs, and other groups analyzed how to jointly respond to cyber attacks on US infrastructure.  On the first day, April 27, the group practiced responding to attacks on the financial sector, power network, and transportation, according to a May 4 release.  Maj. Brian Buschur, a Lemay Center Wargaming Institute wargaming fellow, said the exercise revealed policies kept information that could have stopped attacks from being shared between the organizations, according to the release.  On the second day, the group shared information freely and stopped the attacks before they caused any damage, he said.  Air War College Vice Commander Col. Ronald Banks said the event "was as much about relationship building as it was about solution exploration," according to the release. (9 May 2016).
    • ·       F-35 3i Software Cleared for IOC. The F-35 Joint Program Office has completed development of the software the Air Force will use to declare initial operational capability of its Joint Strike Fighter variant.  Glitches in an earlier version of the Block 3i software had caused the jet's radar to shut down once every four hours, but according to the May 9 release that announced the completed development, aircraft have flown more than 100 hours with the updated software, and its stability is three times greater than the original version's.  The JPO is beginning to upgrade the F-35 fleet with the Block 3i software this week, according to the release.  The Air Force is expected to declare IOC with the F-35A closer to Oct. 1, rather than the desired August 1, due to difficulties with the Autonomic Logistics Information System.  (10 May 2016)
    • ·       AF Slowly Implementing Force Structure Recommendations.  The Air Force has made "limited progress" implementing the recommendations made by the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force, according to a May 6 report by the Government Accountability Office.  As of February, the service had implemented or closed just six of the 42 recommendations.  Those implemented, include:

    -         Increased flexibility in applying budget cuts

    -         Considering the "closing or warm basing of some installations"

    -         Changing wing-level organizations to group organizations

    -         Revising an agreement with the Council of Governors to allow USAF leaders to consult directly with the council when requested

    -         Discontinuing the use of non-disclosure agreements in the corporate process.

    • o   The commission also recommended USAF disestablish Air Force Reserve Command. The service disagreed with this recommendation and considers the matter closed, according to the report.  The GAO recommended the Air Force develop a complete implementation plan for the remaining 36 commission recommendations and the service agreed to do so.  The Air Force also has revised its approach to managing the implementation of the commission's recommendations and has assigned a general officer, or civilian equivalent, to manage and oversee that process, according to the report.  (10 May 2016)
    • ·       Protest Proofing and the Business Case.  The Pentagon has done a good job in recent years explaining to contractors exactly how much it's willing to pay for capability, and exactly how much more it's willing to pay for better capability, Defense acquisition chief Frank Kendall asserted Tuesday.  Speaking at CSIS in Washington, D.C. Kendall said the proof of his assertion lies in the fact that "so few protests" are being upheld of late, suggesting this was the case with the B-21 bomber.  Boeing bid aggressively on the KC-46 tanker and has "written off $1.5 billion" on the program, but understood what would happen up front and only went ahead because it could "make the business case" for the investment, Kendall said, calling the KC-46 "my poster child" for a fixed-price program.  It could be fixed-price because the requirements were well understood and wouldn't change, Boeing knew how to do the work and had the financial resources to ride out setbacks, and in the end will probably make back its money through production and volume benefits for its commercial business, he said.  The bomber, meanwhile, offers no such commercial payback, so it's right for the government to share development risk, he explained. (11 May 2016)
    • ·       Kendall’s Insomnia It's not the acquisition system that most worries the Pentagon's chief buyer, it's how fast America's adversaries are catching up technologically.  "I stay awake at night … worried more about air superiority than how we do business," Pentagon acquisition, technology, and logistics chief Frank Kendall said at the Center for International and Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.  Kendall said he's had posters made up for senior leaders showing the many new military projects underway in China and Russia.  The posters, which are classified, are "dense" with new programs, while a comparable poster of US investments "shows a lot of white space," Kendall said.  Most of the Pentagon's R&D money is going toward upgrades of existing systems because "we're keeping them longer."  To pay for readiness and operations, though, modernization and "risk reduction" R&D—what Kendall calls "new products"—took a hit.  He's tried to swing it back the other way, boosting the risk reduction and engineering and manufacturing development accounts, but he said the sheer "depth and breadth" of new adversary programs will make it tough to stay ahead.  The risk reduction account has been given an extra $3 billion, and this is where the "third offset" technologies are.  For "the next two or three years" there will be a major push at doing demonstrations and prototyping, Kendall said (11 May 2016)
    • ·       McCain: 2017 NDAA is a “Reform Bill.”  Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told reporters on Thursday the Fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill was really a "reform bill" that touched on acquisition, military, and management reform while "still investing in crucial military capabilities." The SASC's version of the legislation reduces the 41 currently authorized four-star billets to 27 and also reduces the remaining general officer and flag officer positions by 25 percent.  The legislation caps the size of the National Security Council staff to 150 permanently assigned personnel and looks to clarify the role of combatant commanders.  The bill also "disestablishes" the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics position, dividing those duties under a new undersecretary of defense for research and engineering and the "renamed" undersecretary of management and support positions, according to a summary of the bill released Thursday evening.  "In short, whereas all acquisition oversight and execution for everything that the Department of Defense buys is centralized in one office, the NDAA seeks to divide that into two parts," states the summary.  "The new USD(R&E) would be a staff office focused on innovation, oversight, and policy for the development of national security technology and systems.  The revised Under Secretary for Management and Support would be a line office focused on running defense agencies that perform critical business operations of the Department of Defense."  The bill also mandates an independent assessment of US military force structure, including "the future mix of aircraft platforms," states the summary. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Eggs and Issues: Rep Mike Rogers.  The next Eggs and Issues, with Representative Mike Rogers, will be on Friday 20 May 2016 at the RSA Activity Center, 201 Dexter Avenue, 0730-0830.  Chamber Members/Government employees/Military: $25; non-members: $35.  Go to https://www.montgomerychamber.com/newsroom/events?cgid=6&ceid=3179&cerid=0&cdt=5%2f20%2f2016is the link to sign up and register.  There will not be a MIP meeting next Friday so there is no conflict.  (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Eggs and Issues: Rep Martha Roby.  Eggs and Issues, with Representative Martha Roby, will be on Thursday 30 June 2016 at the RSA Activity Center, 201 Dexter Avenue, 0730-0830.  Chamber Members/Government employees/Military: $25; non-members: $35.  https://www.montgomerychamber.com/newsroom/events?cgid=6&ceid=3250&cerid=0&cdt=6%2f29%2f2016 is the link to sign up and register. (13 May 2016)

    • ·       MITS.
    • ·       Preparing MITS Golf Ditty Bags.  There will not be a MIP meeting on 20 May, the Friday before the MITS.  However, help will be needed in getting the “ditty bags together for the golf tournament.  If you can please show up at Wynlakes Country Club next Friday 20 May at Noon to help Eric Sloan and the crew get the bags ready for Monday. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Mr. Rich Aldrich (PEO/BES) has invited the AF Enterprise Services vendors, including NETCENTS-2 primes, ITCC and SEAMLS to attend a meeting during MITS to discuss the contracts. A total of 79 vendors have been invited.  Mr. Aldridge has also indicated that he will resume the contractor outreach events.  The PEO and CEO event will take place at the Renaissance.  (1 April 2016)
    • ·       BES Vendor Industry Day.  The next Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Vendor Industry Day event is scheduled for 25 -26 May 2016 in the Building 892 Auditorium.  This event is open to all civilian, military, and contractor personnel.  Beginning at 1345 on 25 May, the BES Divisions will present their upcoming business opportunities and anticipated acquisitions (forecasted over the next 18 month) to our Industry Partners.  Mark your calendars and come out to share in this "information-rich" experience, including what is hoped to be very engaged discussions between BES and the industry partner community. (18 March 2016)
    • ·       “NFL in Montgomery.”  Interesting article about a former Patriot who is now a “resident” at the Maxwell FPC.  http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15472532/how-reche-caldwell-googled-way-patriots-prison. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Captain America Family Day with GDH.  GDH Consulting will be having a family day on May 21st. I’ve attached a flyer with the particulars. We will be watching the new Captain America movie with a show start of 10:00 am. This will be a free movie at the Chantilly Carmike. The first 100 to RSVP (mjohnson@gdhgov.com) will have a ticket with their name on it. Children are welcome to attend with their parents. (6 May 2016)
    • ·       USS Montgomery.  In a press conference Thursday, Mayor Strange and Navy officials announced the details for the commissioning of the USS Montgomery, a state-of-the-art vessel.  The ship measures 418 feet long and can reach speeds in excess of 40 knots.  It weighs 3500 tons but is very maneuverable.  She can reverse direction in a matter of ship lengths, twist within her own signature, and has the largest flight deck of any surface combatant.  She'll also be home to 53 sailors.  The USS Montgomery will be commissioned in Mobile on September 10.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Free tickets can be obtained via the USS Montgomery Commissioning Committee at www.ussmontgomerycommissioning.com. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       AFITC is BACK!!  Registration for AFITC is now open.  Go to the new AFITC website at http://www.au.af.mil/cybercollege/afitc.  You can also get hotel information and registration details at http://www.mc2portal2.com/afitc/. (1 April 2016)
    • ·       Chamber of Commerce. Details and registration for these events can usually be found at www.montgomerychamber.com. Select “View Calendar” from the left side of the home page below the “Calendar of Events” listing for a full summary of upcoming events.
    • ·       19 May: Business After Hours.  Hilton Garden Inn, 7665 Eastchase Parkway, 1700-1900.
    • ·       6 June: Small Business Planning Seminar: Chamber Small Business Resource Center, 600 South Court Street 1545-1730, $10 at the door.  Advance registration not required.  For additional information, please contact Dava Hornbreak, 334.832.4790, dhornbeak@montgomerychamber.com.  The seminar will be repeated on June 20. (13 May 2016)

    ·       15 June: Doing Business With the Government. 0900-1200.  The Montgomery Chamber is partnering with the Alabama State University Small Business Development Center Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to bring counseling to our Chamber members at the Montgomery Chamber’s Business Resource Center.  PTAC procurement contracting counselors are dedicated to providing assistance in assessing your potential as a government contractor.  Whether you are new to government contracting or you have sought contracts in the past, PTAC can help you! Registration required.  For additional information, please contact Dava Hornbreak, 334.832.4790, dhornbeak@montgomerychamber.com. This will be repeated on 20 July. (13 May 2016)

    • ·       Military Family Appreciation Day, Montgomery Zoo. Thursday 16 June from 0900-1600 will be the annual Military Family Appreciation Day at the Montgomery Zoo.  Military members (active duty/guard/reserve/retired) and their families will be admitted to the Zoo for free, and lunch will be served 1100-1300. . (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Gunter Aviation Inn Dining Facility.  The Aviation Inn dining hall at Gunter will be open to retirees during 11 Jun to 10 Jul 2016 while the AFSNCO Academy is between class sessions. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       MOAA The June MOAA Luncheon will be on 9 June 2016, 1130-1300 at the Maxwell Club.  The speaker will be Dr. Ann Linder, whose most recent book is about World War I posters, both as propaganda as well as art. Make reservations by 3 June with John O’Connor (sactrndklr@gmail.com 334.220.6532).  (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Montgomery Internet Exchange once again is prominently in the national headlines. -http://muninetworks.org/content/montgomerys-internet-exchange-bringing-business-mix. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       PMI Dinner meeting will be 9 June May 2016 beginning at 1730 at the RSA Plaza, 1730 Washington Street, on the 6th Floor.  Register at www.pmisouthalabama.org. You do not have to be a PMI member to attend. (13 May 2016)
    • ·       Gathering of Eagles Luncheon.  The Annual Gathering of Eagles Luncheon, sponsored by AFA Chapter 102, will be on 31 May 1130-1300 at the Capital City Club.  Honorees this year include one of the Doolittle Raiders, Dick Cole, and several other World War II era heroes.  For reservations and further details, please go to www.afa102.net. (22 April 2016)
    • ·       Visitors: none.
    • ·       Personnel.
    • ·       Walter Smith, husband of Sophia Smith (PEO/BES Contract Specialist) passed peacefully at home Wednesday 11 May after a long illness. Funeral will be Sunday 15th at 2 PM check Ross Clayton Funeral Listing in local paper for details.
    • ·       Position(s) Available: N/A

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