Fast Rope Dayton Meeting Minutes – 10 Jun 16

  • 13 Jun 2016 7:14 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Lynn Moad, Facilitating

    In Person Attendees:  Bob Fudge, Dave London, Dave Dodds, John Joyce, Dan Marion, Rick Reed, Rick DaPrato, and Lynn Moad  

    Telephone Attendees:   David Hart, Steve Hannaford, Jim Marshall, and Bounteum Theuamthalaray “BT”

    • ·        Steve Hannaford, Illumination Works (ILW):  Lt Gen Cooper, HAF/A4/7, and Lt Gen Levy, AFSC/CC, shared with the LOA/SOLE membership on 9 Jun 16 that the AF Logistics leadership is ready to move forward with LOG IT – decreasing the 300+ systems to around 25.  Steve encouraged the Fast Rope attendees to join LOA and attend their monthly sessions for greater insight into the Logistics arena.
    • ·        Jim Marshall, Independent Proposal Manager for Small and Large Business (San Antonio based):  Jim shared that business is picking up in the San Antonio area.
    • ·        BT, St Michael’s, Inc:   Shared the following information about his company -
    • o   Email: bt@stmichaelsinc.com; Phone: 614 598-4527
    • o   Company Website: www.stmichaelsinc.com
    • o   Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2006 and based in Woodbridge, VA
    • o   Current Key Customers - Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Department of Homeland Security 
    • o   Corporate Capabilities:
    • §  Financial Management and Accounting Solutions
    • §  Business and Process Improvement Consulting
    • §  Program Management
    • §  FIAR-Compliant Audit Readiness Support
    • §  Pre/Post ERP support
    • ·        Dave Dodds, Integrated Computer Solutions:  Dave shared the VETS II contract award may shift out 6 months.  The Alliant contract vehicle may look a lot like the VETS II contract – looking to differentiate via qualifications such as ISO, CMMI, facility clearance, account system, purchasing system, etc.  Dave  reminded the Fast Rope membership about the AFCEA Daniel J Curtis Memorial & Logistics Officer Association Golf Tournament, which will be held on 15 Aug 16 at the Walnut Grove Country Club, 5050 Linden Ave.   The cost is $85 for government; $100 for industry.  There will be two flights (morning and afternoon) and lunch.  There will be prizes and awards.  You can register at the Dayton-Wright AFCEA Chapter website: https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/ .  Fast Rope members are encouraged to corporately sponsor the golf outing.   Register as an individual or in teams.
    • ·        Bob Fudge, Evanhoe & Associates:  Evanhoe is also interested in Alliant.  The National Veterans Small Business event will be held in Minneapolis in November.
    • ·        David Hart, Segue Technologies:  Several topics were shared -
    • .   
    • o   Feedback from the Montgomery Information Technology Symposium held in May was positive.  Richard Aldridge, newly assigned SES to the PEO BES portfolio, is trying to effect positive change as is Gen Dwyer Dennis, newly assigned PEO C3I&N. 
    • o   Feedback on the PEO BES Industry Day indicated a need for the transformational messages coming from MITS to be recognized and incorporated into the PEO BES acquisition strategies and RFPs being issued.
    • o   Following the AFCEA/LOA golf outing on 15 Aug 16 is the AFCEA LOA Logistics IT Summit.  This will be a half-day event with two high impact discussion panels and Maj Gen(s) Cedric George, HAF/A4P, as the luncheon keynote speaker.  Cost for industry participants will be $40 per person; the Dayton Wright AFCEA chapter will have the registration opening soon on its website. 
    • o   The Homeland Security Conference will be held 20-23 Jun 16; Dave will share any take aways. 
    • o   Rich Aldridge, PEO BES, will be the speaker at the upcoming AFCEA luncheon on 16 Jun 16 at the Hilton Garden Inn; registration can be found at the AFCEA chapter website.
    • o   David shared about the southwest Ohio 7-10 Jul 16 “Warrior Weekend to Remember” event to honor 40 combat injured warriors and their families.  This multi-day event includes a Lone Star concert at JD Legends; go-kart racing; sky diving; gun shooting; BBQ from Montgomery Inn, a balloon event in Middletown, etc.  Sponsors are personally engaged with each of the 40 warriors and this non-profit group pays for the entire event for all those honored.  Gen Pawlikowski, AFMC/CC, will be at the capstone balloon festival. www.warriorwtr.com Friday ticket sponsors available for July 8, Lone Star Military Tribute Concert. Please consider attending, $250/ea, supports the 4 day event, and you get to attend.
    • ·         Dan Marion, JJR Solutions:  Pass
    • ·        David London, Trident:  The grand opening of the fourth hangar of the National Museum of USAF (NMUSAF) is taking place this week.  Gen (ret) Hudson will be speaking at the next NCMA event and sharing the contracting strategies and actions that took place in order to build the new hangar.
    • ·        Rick Reed, Sabel Solutions:   Rick encouraged the Fast Rope membership to download the PEO BES Industry Day charts from the second day (website:  http://www.gunter.af.mil/events/businessandenterprisesystems/index.asp  .  These were good presentations from Contracting and Small Business.
    • ·        Rick DaPrato, Aerospace Business Development Associates (ABDA):   Rick is now a senior advisor at ABDA.   
    • ·        John Joyce, SpecPro Technical Services:   John asked if anyone had insight from the recent CON-IT Industry Day.   David Hart offered to have Cheryl Nicewaner post some charts.
    • ·        Lynn Moad, LB Moad Consulting:   The  Limitations on Subcontracting final rule took effect on June 30, 2016 (http://smallgovcon.com/statutes-and-regulations/limitations-on-subcontracting-important-new-sba-rule-takes-effect-june-30-2016/  and https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/05/31/2016-12494/small-business-government-contracting-and-national-defense-authorization-act-of-2013-amendments?utm_campaign=subscription+mailing+list&utm_medium=email&utm_source=federalregister.gov) . 
    • o   Two additional luncheon opportunities on 22 Jun 16:   EEMG will host Lt Gen Thompson, AFLCMC/CC, as their speaker and DPAAS will host Col Keith Bearden, AFMC/EN as their speaker.
    • ·        Bounteum Theuamthalaray (BT) St. Michael’s Inc.
    • o   Contact Information:
    • o   Bounteum Theuamthalaray (BT)
    • o   Email: bt@stmichaelsinc.com
    • o   Phone: 614 598-4527
    • o   Company Website: www.stmichaelsinc.com
    • o   Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2006 and based in Woodbridge, VA
    • o   Current Key Customers - Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Department of Homeland Security 
    • o   Corporate Capabilities:
    • o   Financial Management and Accounting Solutions
    • o   Business and Process Improvement Consulting
    • o   Program Management
    • o   FIAR-Compliant Audit Readiness Support
    • o   Pre/Post ERP supports

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