St. Louis Fast Rope 6/23/16

  • 23 Jun 2016 3:10 PM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Attendees: Carla McMullen (TCI), Connie Crome (CSRA), Greg Schwartz (Supertek), David Wade (LM/Leidos), Paul Whitebread (LM/Leidos), George Emilio (LM/Leidos), Danial Mullen (AT&T), Melvin Sassoon (Cougaar Software)

    ·        Lockheed Martin/Leidos Merger: 

    o   LM / Leidos will keep working separately

    ·        Mission Scheduling Service:

    o   Those interested right now: LM / Leidos, CSRA, Cougaar SW, TCI)

    o   Scott Industry Day 21-22 June 16

    o   There is talk about putting out another RFI

    o   No contract vehicle specified

    o   R&D element

    o   They have no product that solves the current problems

    o   They want user selectibility with optimization

    o   DMR will be the userface for MSS

    o   DMR is currently being worked by Supertek and CAMPS is being worked by SAIC

    o   There is talk about the thought of cancelling it or it never materializing

    o   The challenge of MSS is the need to move to the JIE – Joint Integrated Environment and potentially that this is just the ‘next shiny object’

    o   Lots of questions and concerns going forward

    o   There was implications at the Industry Day that the business rules are currently defined in the MEIS and that is not true. It’s in works (per Supetek)

    o   Estimated October 17th contract start date

    o   Contract fully funded by TWCF funds. Not appropriated.

    o   $10M estimated funding. SB possible – not NCII

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