Fast Rope Dayton Notes 8 July 2016

  • 11 Jul 2016 8:16 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Fast Rope Dayton Notes 8 July 2016

    Attendees:   John Joyce, Gary Brown, Steve Barry, Dan Marion, Abby Israel, Billy Grill, Linda Skinner, David Dodds, and Lynn Moad

    Phone-In Attendees:  Steve Hannaford, Keith Harvey, Dave McNealy, Ron Hartke, Jim Marshall, and Jeff Kress

    Steve Hannaford, Illumination Works (ILW):   GovWin reflecting an Alliant II 12 July 2016 virtual industry day

    Keith Harvey, TACG:   Met recently with David Hart, Segue, and Kim Brown, HAF/A4PT, to review the game plan for moderating one of the panels for the 16 August 2016 AFCEA LOA Logistics IT Summit (to include developing some initial discussion questions).  This will be a half-day event with two high impact discussion panels and Maj Gen(s) Cedric George, HAF/A4P, as the luncheon keynote speaker.  Cost for industry participants will be $40 per person; the Dayton Wright AFCEA chapter has the registration open on its website:   https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org  .

    Dave McNealy, Forest Consulting in San Antonio:  Attended 7 July 2016 AFLCMC monthly Industry Exchange – cyber focused.   Government team is adding to their published needs list and is building a datebase of interested industry capabilities. 

    Ron Hartke, Ardent Technologies:   Highlighted Ardent’s 8(a) business areas and current contracts; Ardent is looking for partners.   Encouraged Fast Rope members to sign up for the 15 August 2016 AFCEA Daniel J Curtis Memorial & Logistics Officer Association Golf Tournament, which will be held at the Walnut Grove Country Club, 5050 Linden Ave.   The cost is $85 for government; $100 for industry.  There will be two flights (morning and afternoon) and lunch.  There will be prizes and awards.  You can register at the Dayton-Wright AFCEA Chapter website: https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org  .  David Dodds also encouraged Fast Rope members to corporately sponsor the golf outing.   Register as an individual or in teams.

    Jim Marshall, Independent Proposal Manager in San Antonio:   Primarily supports small businesses that do not have in-house proposal teams and augments large business proposal teams as requested. 

    Jeff Kress, CSRA:   Shared the merger of SRA and CSC continues to mature; aligned more to customers.  Jeff is part of the Defense IT business sector supporting AFLCMC and AFRL.

    Gary Brown, Vana Solutions:   Highlighted Vana Solutions’ core business areas.  A current focus area is to establish some additional partnerships outside of AF.  Vana Solutions is looking for potential partners working with the FBI.

    Steve Barry, BayVue:   Highlighted BayVue’s core competency in the proposal preparation area

    David Dodds, Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS):   Highlighted ICS’s key capabilities and encouraged Fast Rope members to sign up for the golf outing (see above).  David also provided information from GSA regarding the Alliant SB virtual pre-proposal conferences:  The first two pre-proposal conferences are going to be conducted on 12 July 2016 at GSA HQ located at 1800 F Street NW Washington DC. Registration for these sessions is closed; however per GSA, GSA has scheduled a third Pre-proposal Conference for those interested parties unable to attend either of the first two.  The third Pre-proposal Conference will be conducted virtually and held on Monday, July 18, 2016, at 1:00 PM CDT.  To participate, dial 1-888-566-6345 and use passcode 9194299.

    John Joyce, SpecPro Technical Services (STS):  Shared STS remains an 8(a) but has outgrown some of the NAICS codes; STS focus is with the 7llth Human Performance Wing (HPW).  John shared his expectation that the 711th HPW contract will probably re-competed in three years vice five years as originally planned as one-third of the ceiling has already been consumed.

    Lynn Moad, LB Moad Consulting, LLC:  Provided the following event information in addition to the 15-16 August 2016 AFCEA/LOA golf outing and AFCEA LOA Logistics IT Summit mentioned earlier:

     Defense’s Wright Dialogue with Industry, 19-21 July 2016, at the Dayton Convention Center (note:  approved DD Form 2345 required to attend).  Registration can be done through the Dayton Defense website:  http://www.daytondefense.org/home/events

    AFCEA Luncheon, 21 July 2016, at Hilton Garden Inn in Beavercreek; Doug Ebersole, AFRL Executive Director is the featured speaker.  Reservations can be done through the AFCEA chapter website:   https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/

    Tinker and the Primes, 22-24 August 2016, in Midwest City, OK.  Reservations can be made at the following website:  http://midwestcityok.net/tinkerandtheprimes/attend

    AFITC, 29-31 August 2016, in Montgomery, AL.  Registration can be done at the following website:  http://www.afitc-event.com/

                   AFLCMC’s Life Cycle Industry Days (LCID), 14-16 September 2016, at UDRI (note:  approved DD Form 2345 required to attend).  Registration can be done through the following website:  http://www.collaborationdayton.com/lcid/

    Linda Skinner:  Has started a consulting company which lends support to small businesses in the operations areas.

    Abby Israel, Zed Digital Software Enterprise in Columbus, OH:  Highlighted their capabilities in big data and desire to become more involved in DoD opportunities at WPAFB. 

    Dan Marian, JJR Solutions:   Provided the following updates on a Supreme Court Ruling and 2016 NDAA:

    Supreme Court Ruling - The ruling directs the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to give preference to veteran-owned businesses when procuring contracts for goods and services. The law gained exposure in 2012 when the plaintiff, Kingdomware Technologies Inc., protested a contract award, citing PL 109-461 as the basis. The court ruled against the VA and for a service-disabled veteran-owned small business citing the VA’s failure to comply with Public Law 109-461, commonly referred to as “Veterans First.” The Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 requires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to set annual goals for contracting with service-disabled and other veteran-owned small businesses. 38 U. S. C. §8127(a). To help reach those goals, a separate set-aside provision known as the “Rule of Two” provides that a contracting officer “shall award contracts” by restricting competition to veteran-owned small businesses if the officer reasonably expects that at least two such businesses will submit offers and that “the award can be made at a fair and reasonable price that offers best value to the United States.” §8127(d). Despite the absence of a statutory exception for GSA Schedule orders, the VA has long taken the position that it may order off the GSA Schedule without first applying the VA Act’s Rule of Two. - See more at: http://smallgovcon.com/service-disabled-veteran-owned-small-businesses/victory-sdvosbs-win-in-kingdomware-supreme-court-decision/#sthash.wW58Gc5h.dpuf

    NDAA 2016 (S. 1356) – 11/25/2015 Became Public Law No: 114-92. (Sec. 867) Requires agencies to consider the capabilities and past performances of the small businesses that submit offers as teams or joint ventures for a multiple award contract or when the contract is bundled or consolidated. ) CONTRACT TEAMING.— ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—In the case of a solicitation of offers for a bundled or consolidated contract that is issued by the head of an agency, a small business concern that provides for use of a particular team of subcontractors or a joint venture of small business concerns may submit an offer for the performance of the contract. ‘‘(B) EVALUATION OF OFFERS.—The head of the agency shall evaluate an offer described in subparagraph (A) in the same manner as other offers, with due consideration to the capabilities of all of the proposed subcontractors or members of the joint venture as follows: ‘‘(i) TEAMS.—When evaluating an offer of a small business prime contractor that includes a proposed team of small business subcontractors, the head of the agency shall consider the capabilities and past performance of each first tier subcontractor that is part of the team as the capabilities and past performance of the small business prime contractor. ‘‘(ii) JOINT VENTURES.—When evaluating an offer of a joint venture of small business concerns, if the joint venture does not demonstrate sufficient capabilities or past performance to be considered for award of a contract opportunity, the head of the agency shall consider the capabilities and past performance of each member of the joint venture as the capabilities and past performance of the joint venture.

    Billy Grill, Rebel Marketing:  Highlighted his focus on small business marketing needs.  Billy will be presenting small business marketing tools, approaches, strategies, etc., at the 22 July 2014 Collider event from 2-4pm.  Billy has also developed a beta test demo for a consultant database featuring FAQs, ask the expert, etc.  This will be coming to the Fast Rope membership soon.

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