Fast Rope Notes St Louis 8.25.16

  • 25 Aug 2016 11:23 AM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    Fast Rope Notes St Louis 8.25.16

    ·        Connie Chrome and Carla McMullen Facilitors

    ·        Greg Schwartz, SuperTek Hosting

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    • ·        David Hart, Segue, First Fast Roper (phone)
    • ·        Carla McMullan, TCI, Fast Rope St Louis Facilitator (phone)
    • ·        Connie Crome, CSRA, Fast Rope St Louis Facilitator (phone)
    • ·        Leslie Lindauer, TechGuard Security (phone)
    • ·        Greg Harris, S4 (phone)
    • ·        Greg Schwartz, SuprTEK (Today’s Host, in person)
    • ·        Jon Jonas, C5T, (in person)
    • ·        AJ McMillan, C5T (in person
    • ·        David Wade, Leidos (in person)
    • ·        Allison Edwards, Amyx ( in person)
    • ·        Daniel Mullen, AT&T (in person)

    David Hart, Segue Technologies

    ·        I'm presenting "Teaming to Win Federal Contracts" at the two upcoming events. The approach feeds off of the Fast Rope Model emphasizing relationships and intel. The LCMC event has a registration fee, the Collider is free. Hope to see you there.

    o   Slides: https://fastrope.wildapricot.org/resources/Pictures/Team%20to%20Win%20Federal%20Contracts%20Public%20Presentation.pdf

    o   AFLCMC Industry Days

    §  Date: September 14-16, 2016

    §  Location: UD River Campus, 1700 South Patterson Blvd Dayton, Ohio 45469.

    §  More: http://www.wpafb.af.mil/lcid

    o   The Collider Project (AFRL SB)

    §  Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

    §  Location: Tec^Edge 5000 Springfield Street, Suite 100, Dayton, O

    §  More: http://www.meetup.com/collider/events/233612590/

    ·        Slides from AFCEA Log IT Summit: https://fastrope.wildapricot.org/resources/AFCEA%20LOA%20AF%20Log%20IT%20Summit%20Slides.pdf

    ·        Fast Roper, Al Mink, rides coast to coast for AFCEA/STEM, tandem skydives in Dayton, and rides to altitude with David Hart. Skydiving Video of Al: https://www.facebook.com/transamericac4s/videos/pcb.1811202145833305/1811199885833531/?type=3&theater

    ·        GSA Aliant II Updates: The Contracting Office released Amendment #4 on August 9, 2016 for the ALLIANT 2 SB requirement. The purpose of the Amendment is to revise section L.3.4 - Proposal Due Date and Address Location. Proposals remain due no later than 4:00 PM CT on September 12, 2016. Hand delivered proposals will only be accepted on September 12, 2016 between 9:00 AM CT and 4:00 PM CT. Awards are anticipated to be made in 2017. For more information on ALLIANT 2 SB, please refer to Opportunity ID:

    ·        DISA Encore III Updates: According to the GAO website, the three protests submitted by Booz Allen Hamilton and CACI Inc. have been Sustained on August 3, 2016. These protests are covered by a protective order, which means that some information in the decisions may require redaction before public release. A final redacted version of the decisions will be posted when this process is complete. Awards for ENCORE III were previously anticipated to be made in October 2016.

    ·        AF  Netcents-2 Updates: Govt adds three years to NC-2 App Services SB and implements a modest increase to the ceiling. No definitive communication yet about on boarding or off boarding on Small Business that have outgrown the size standard.

    ·        Upcoming Dayton Wright AFCEA Events - https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/

    o   AFCEA/LOA Golf Outing, August 15

    o    AFCEA/LOA Air Force Logistics IT Summit, August 16

    ·        The Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference, AFITC 2016 – Montgomery, Alabama – August 29 – 31st, After a 4-year hiatus, what was once a must-attend event for so many IT leaders is returning to Montgomery this August. The Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference is bringing together Air Force IT experts, prominent IT academics, and America’s best cybersecurity vendors for 3 days of exhibits, speakers, education, and discussion about the ways we can better defend America from cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threats, and proactively lead in this in this increasingly digital world. http://www.afitc-event.com/  

    ·        DLA Land & Maritime Supplier Conference & Exposition, August 29-September 1, 2016, Nationwide Conference Center, Columbus, OH. The conference theme aligns with the DOD’s focus on Better Buying Power 3.0. This conference will provide an opportunity to build new and strengthen existing partnerships, at both the strategic and tactical levels and should be of interest to both small and large business. www.ndia.org/meetings/6780

    ·        AFCEA NOVA 9th Annual Joint Warfighter IT Day, September 1, 2016, Sheratons Tysons Corner, https://www.afceanova.org/9th-annual-joint-warfighter-it-day

    ·        AFLCMC Life Cycle Industry Days (LCID), Our goals for Life Cycle Industry Days are to continue existing and forge new relationships between government and industry senior leaders and their multifunctional teams; provide a forum to discuss near and long-term requirements; and provide an opportunity for large and small business to discuss possible partnerships. We will provide current and projected warfighting requirements, technology, and cost saving/innovative initiatives. We have been working closely with our industry partners to ensure we maximize the return on investment for all who attend. The overall LCID focus is on the life cycle management across AFLCMC portfolios. Specifically, we'll focus on Propulsion, ISR & SOF, Mobility, Tankers, Agile Combat Support, Fighter/Bomber, and Foreign Military Sales. September 14-15 will be filled with discussions of AF requirements and discussion areas. September 16 is dedicated to one-on-one discussions between Air Force and Industry. The event will also accommodate opportunity discussions between large and small businesses for future partnering. The location for LCID is the University of Dayton River Campus. The River Campus is located at the former NCR World Headquarters, 1700 South Patterson Blvd Dayton, Ohio 45469. Please contact my POCs, Tim Frey, 937-904-6999, and Mary Hagan, 937-904-5507, should you have any questions. Please mark your calendars now and I look forward to seeing you at the event! http://www.wpafb.af.mil/lcid

    ·        Air Force Marathon, Sep 17, 2016, http://www.usafmarathon.com/

    • ·        AFA Air, Space & Cyber Conference.  Registration is now open for the Air Force Association's 2016 Air, Space & Cyber Conference.  Themed Airmen, Industry & Allies - A Global Security Team, it is an ideal opportunity for professional development for military, government, industry, and academic professionals interested in aerospace and cyber developments.  The conference is 19-21 September 2016 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.  The keynote speaker will be Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work.  The conference has been approved in accordance with IAW Air Force Conference Policy.  Registration is free for all US uniformed military and DoD civilian personnel.  For additional information on this conference or to register, please go to https://airspacecyber2016.expotracker.net/index.aspx

    ·        Ohio Defense Forum, October 5 – 6, 2016, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Hosted by Congressman Michael Turner, Communities that host Department of Defense organizations play an important part in supporting military missions. With on-going discussions such as Base Realignments and Closure (BRAC), budget cuts and partnership initiatives, the Ohio Defense Forum will feature defense experts who will outline the current defense environment, and share best practices for keeping Ohio’s military installations strong. We invite you to SAVE THE DATE and attend the 2016, Ohio Defense Forum. Website and Registration info coming soon!

    ·        AFCEA ACE Alamo Cyber Conference, December 5-8, San Antonio, http://wwCw.alamoace.org/

    ·        AFCEA NOVA Air Force IT Day, December 8, 2016, Sheraton Tysons Corner, https://www.afceanova.org/

    1.      Greg Schwartz, Superlative Technologies (dba SuprTEK), Inc.

    • a.      GSchwartz@suprtek.com , 618-726-0554 (o) | 618-974-1991 (m)
    •                                                     i.     620 Pierce Blvd, O’Fallon IL 62269
    •                                                    ii.     SuprTEK positioning to become a Large Business in January 2017
    •                                                   iii.     Capability Brief: Slides uploaded to Fast Rope
    •                                                  iv.     https://fastrope.wildapricot.org/resources/SuperTek%20Capability%20Brief%20FASTROPE%20Intro_FINAL_(GJS)_24%20Aug%202016.pdf  
    •                                                    v.     Tool they created:
    • 1.      What it does: Automate risk of network to fix issues and save resources.
    • b.     MSS (AMC Development Effort)
    •                                                     i.     Requirements still not fully defined. Want it for less than $10M in 24 months. It is risk production. Only 5% of solution but not the solution. Standing up stand-alone application in TACC. Why did they say at Industry Day if it’s only 5% and not the solution? What do they want?
    •                                                    ii.     MEIS work being done at USTC
    • c.      AISS III
    •                                                     i.     Recomplete coming up
    •                                                    ii.     13 Programs within AMC
    •                                                   iii.     SuprTEK interested in teaming but they are hesitant because of OCI with ADEV.
    • d.     MAFPS
    •                                                     i.     Developmental program to replace ACFP
    •                                                    ii.     Government not happy with current Incumbent
    •                                                   iii.     Connections to SAIC Engineering
    • e.      AMC Industry Day
    •                                                     i.     Held in early August – first one in 6 years!
    •                                                    ii.     Scott Club – Industry sat with Industry and Govt sat with Govt
    •                                                   iii.     If you didn’t hear about it, it’s because AMC announced it on FBO under an Aircraft manufacturing NAICS code vs a Services NAICS code
    •                                                   iv.     Suggestions:
    • 1.      Shorten briefings
    • 2.      Add networking time
    • 3.      Make senior leaders available
    • 4.      Announce event under multiple NAICS codes
    • 2.      David Wade, Leidos
    • a.      Officially called Leidos now
    • b.     Now have account managers (LM did not have these)
    • c.      David Wade is IGC PM within Enterprise IT Group
    • d.     May have additional info/update next time
    • 3.      Dan Mullen,  AT&T
    • a.      Inquired about FBO and NAICS Codes that were discussed prior re AMC Industry Day
    • b.     Army and DISA focused
    • c.      Possibly interested in hosting
    • d.      2 weeks ago – Ribbon cutting ceremony for DISA DNOC at Scott: $110-120M building – Operations center with SCIF locations. Trying to SCIF entire thing. Housing 850 personnel; Building is about full.
    • e.      Connections or work at Dept. of Agriculture, specifically Animal or Plant Health division?
    • 4.      Jon Jonas, C5T
    • a.      No updates
    • 5.      Carla McMullen, TCI
    • a.      Attending AFITC and Airlift Tanker Association and will be exhibitor
    • b.      Attending NDTA 1-2 Nov
    • c.      Trainer Development II
    •                                                     i.     Looking for companies who fabricate and run the following: HH-60 Pave Hawk Trainer, ANG Advanced JTAC Training System (AAJTS) Airborne Communication Trainer (ACT)
    • 6.      Connie Crome, CSRA
    • a.      No updates
    • 7.      Greg Harris, S4
    • a.      No updates
    • 8.      Leslie Lindauer, TechGuard
    • a.      No updates
    • 9.      Allison Edwards, Amyx
    • a.      NDTA Early Bird Registration for 31 Oct-November 3 Event

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