St Louis Fast Rope Meeting 22 September 2016:

  • 23 Sep 2016 5:45 PM
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    David Hart (Administrator)

    St Louis Fast Rope Meeting 22 September 2016:

    Attendees: Mo Verling, Paragon Technologies (host); AJ McMillan, Jon Jonas, and Greg Padula, C5T Corp; Greg Schwartz, SuprTEK; Chuck McGaugh, NJVC; Mike Kleeblatt, Amyx; Cindy Heflin, CEdge; David Hart, Segue; Connie Crome, CSRA

    Next Fast Rope St Louis Meeting: Thursday, Oct 20, 0800 at Tricor Offices.

    Topics from this month:

    • 1)      David Hart, Segue
    • a.      AFCEA NOVA Industry Day, December 13, 2016 https://www.afceanova.org/event/air-force-it-day/2016/12/13/15th-annual-air-force-it-day
    • 2)      Mo Verling, Paragon
    • a.      Airlift/Tanker Association Conference (www.atalink.org ), 27-30 Oct, Nashville, TN
    • b.      VA SB Engagement (nvsbe16.mybusinessmatches.com) , 1-3 Nov, Minneapolis, MN
    • c.      IT-70 adding Cyber SIN; will required Orals; confusing instructions
    • 3)      Chuck McGaugh, NJVC
    • a.      Would be interested to host Fast Rope sometime either in their St Louis or O’Fallon office
    • b.      NJVC is a LB but is one of the Chenega family of companies, all Alaskan-Native-owned
    •                                           i.     Spun off CTI, a new SDB (soon to receive 8(a) status), located in D.C., to focus on Cloud and Cyber technologies
    • c.      Rumint USTRANSCOM ITSM to be awarded in late Oct (heard from a LB, not Govt)
    • d.      NGA Technical Showcase West (usgif.org) , 18 Oct USGIF Innovation day (unclass), 19 Oct NGA Tech Showcase
    • e.      Q: Why is AF using OASIS, not NETCENTS, when NETCENTS is mandatory use?

    A: OASIS can be used for Professional, SETA, A&AS work; NETCENTS is only for IT work (although OASIS has been seeing some IT work bundled with non-IT work); OASIS Pool 1 has a very large scope (large enough to “drive a truck through it” :)); NETCENTS SB Apps has recently had a ceiling increase and a POP extension

    • 4)      Greg Schwartz, SuprTEK
    • a.      Recently won some DISA NCR work
    • 5)      AJ McMillan, Greg Padula, Jon Jonas, C5T
    • a.      C5T is SB (<$8M size)
    • b.      Looking to pursue OASIS SB; seeing AMC and even USTRANSCOM using OASIS more
    •                                           i.     AMC has indicated they will not renew/recompete their A&AS vehicle
    •                                          ii.     USTRANSCOM hasn’t said definitely whether they will or won’t renew/recompete their A&AS vehicle, but all indication are they won’t
    • c.      Starting to branch out to other areas including Cyber and in-house Training work (PMP, KM)
    • 6)      Mike Kleeblatt, AMYX
    • a.      IQ just released an update on USTRANSCOM JCC, but gave no real info
    • b.      USTRANSCOM IMMOS has had *zero* new info released since last December’s USTRANSCOM Industry Day
    • 7)      Cindy Heflin, CEdge
    • a.      CEdge is a SB, protégé to HPE
    • b.      Opened new office in O’Fallon (Open House in Oct (26 or 27); Stay tuned for date!)
    • c.      DISA Forecast to Industry 2016 (http://www.disa.mil/NewsandEvents/Events/Forecast-to-Industry-2016), 17 Nov, Baltimore, MD
    • d.      ALAMO ACE (http://www.alamoace.org/ ), 5-8 Dec, San Antonio, TX
    • e.      MILCOM 2016 (http://events.afcea.org/milcom16/ ), 1-3 Nov, Baltimore, MD
    • 8)      Connie Crome, CSRA
    • a.      Integration of CSGov & SRA continues; all personnel in former SRA building on Greenmount
    • b.      Rumint about HPE integration into CSRA once CSC completes purchase of HP: “Anything is possible!”
    • c.      Working various Defense opps

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