• 24 Sep 2018 12:23 PM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Attendees: David Hart, Joni Ahlers, Billy Grill, David Dodds, Glen Janus, Donny Glosser,  Michael Gething, Robert Hawley, Bill Cox, Bill Harrison  

    Dial-In Attendees: Lynn Moad, Melvin Sassoon, Richard Goudie, Charlie Painter, Al Mink, Missy Cawlfield, Jeff Young, Jeff Pendry, David Pickering, Ron Hartke, Jacquline Talpa, Jeff Pendry, Steve Hanniford, Jim Marshall, Robert Orenban,   

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Discussion Topics:


    Missy Cawlfield

    • Nov 5th DISA Industry Day MA registration opens October 2nd 

    Jeff Pendry – Patton Office & FEMA

    • Lots of quick FEMA acquisitions supporting NC/SC flooding
    • Reach out to Jeff if interested
    • ACT I quarterly meeting next Wednesday September 26th, govt and GSA folks free to register for the networking session at 3:30pm

    David Pickering

    • Pilot training would love to hear from anyone if interested

    Jacquline Talpa


    • SB engagement league, improve the onboarding process for small businesses
    • Looking for cloud & cyber quals

    Dale Hollins

    • Agile at the State Dept for 20 years
    • Custom Dev within the State Dept reach out if you have opp & you want to partner

    Melvin Sassoon

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience if anyone is looking for teaming
    • AUSA Conference in Detroit November 28-29 US
    • Cougaar has a booth

    Richard Goudie

    • Geospatial Technical opportunity
    • IT70

    David Hart

    • Craig McComb – passed
    • LCMC LCID Conference
    • Dr. Roper talking rapid acquisition, agile..agile..agile, innovation
    • Their business model doesn’t follow that but on the path
    • Focus on OTA’s
    • Tech Net – HI
    • Army focus for Segue

    Charlie Koch

    • DOI or Navy opportunities on the radar if anyone has any

    Steve Hanniford

    • LOA – October 8-12 Oklahoma

    Glen Janus - Guidehouse

    • New member
    • Retired Government experience

    Rob Bonderant - RUSS

    • GIS consultant
    • Geospatial experience
    • Education workforce development
    • Picnic next Thursday September 11-2 Lunch

    Michael Gething

    • Automatic Target Recognition Group at Belvoir October 16-18
    •  Human Performance Bench November 8 Wright Brothers Institute

    Donny Glosser

    • Army
    • Air National Guard
    • DLA

    David Dodds

    • Encore II winner
    • SETI contract being pushed out to early 2019 proposal extension to April
    • LCID
    • Dr. Roper Steve Warp “Mr.Digital” a PEO release on Devops

    Lynn Moad

    Al Mink

    • December 4th AF IT Day
    • Heather Wilson, Secretary
    • J6
    • Opportunity that has cloud DOD or Civil quals if you need teaming connect with Al

    Ron Hartke

    • Building an 8a incubator – do’s and don’ts lessons learned if you want to reach out
    • Building a team for Poole 1, $15m size standard
    • planning to form a JV if interested

    Bill Cox

    • Requirement for 88th Med hospital cueing system
    • RFI came out as computer equipment
    • IT System should come out as NACIS code 541519

    Billy Grill

    • Offering corporate branding package for DoD Contractors

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