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  • 30 Oct 2018 12:29 PM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Montgomery Industry Partners (MIP) is a stand-alone informal association of both Montgomery area industry partners as well as the Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex community.  We are not affiliated with any other organizations.

    NEXT MIP meeting: 3 November 2018
    (Doors open NLT 0530; meeting starts at 0615)

    The Offices at Midtown
    Building 500 Interstate Park Drive, Room 507

    Lee Terrell (TSCTI), Arnie Regan (Macalogic), John O’Connor (Windmill)

    The MIP notes are intended for local Montgomery Area Industry and Government Partners.  Recipients may choose to forward.  Any email lists associated with MIP should not be forwarded or shared outside of MIP.

    FROM the Editor:

    If you have an item that should be included in the notes, please email that to MIPDistro@gmail.com NLT than 1700 the day before a MIP meeting.  This will insure accuracy when being posted to the notes.

    CHANGING EMAIL ADDRESS?  Send an email to MIPDistro@gmail.com with the old and new addresses.  It will be updated within a few days.

    Thank you!

    Mandatory Guidelines for Submitting Resumes: If you send a resume to be distributed and files in the MIP Resume bank, the resume file name MUST be in this format:

    [Name, date of resume, main skills} as in Doe, John 20180720 (Oracle DB, SW Test).

                                            THANKS to ALL who have sent résumés in this format

    Format Notes:  The date at the end of the content indicates when the item was last updated.

    THANK YOU!! To Intrepid, Macalogic, Olan Waldrop, ad Lee Terrell for making the first donations towards the fees associated with our new MIP email domain and GSuite.  We would ask that those, especially outside of the Montgomery area who receive the notes, consider a small donation to support the cost associated with distributing MIP information.  Contact mipdistro@mgm-partners.org to donate.

    • ·         From AFA Daily Digest.
    • ·         Cyber Defense Urgent in Wake of Natural Disasters.  Natural disasters can make affected regions more prone to cyber attack, Army National Guard Col. Keith Donnelly said during a Friday cyber threats panel at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington.  “Cyber criminals are gonna take advantage at your weakest moment,” he said, likening the risk of post-disaster cyber attacks to that of theft.  “Just like looting, when you go into a situation where you don’t have any security, people are gonna go in and take things that don’t belong to them,” he said, saying that a parallel scenario plays out in the realm of cybersecurity.  Donnelly, the Louisiana National Guard’s chief information officer and the senior coordinating official for the state governor’s cybersecurity commission, illustrated this risk by discussing how, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005, hackers attacked the websites of the Louisiana state government and local parishes.  “The recovery from a cyber incident could have lasting effects,” he told Air Force Magazine after the event.  “It’s all about consequence management.”  While protecting network security is a crucial deterrent, he said, the keys to tackling issues when they do arise are to identify threats quickly, contain them to make sure the problem doesn’t get bigger, and to share best practices and lessons learned with the community.  In this way, he said, impacted communities can emerge from cyber struggles even stronger than they were before.  (22 October 2018)
    • ·         Trump Visits Luke AFB.  President Donald Trump on Friday (19 October 2018) visited Luke AFB, Ariz., where he conducted a roundtable discussion with military and industry leaders on issues such as cybersecurity, stealth technology, and F-35 development.  (22 October 2018)
    • ·         CyberCom Ops.  US Cyber Command recently kicked off its first cyber operation against Russia aimed at protecting the midterm elections. (source: NY Times)  (24 October 2018)
    • ·         DoD Expands ‘Hack the Pentagon’ Crowdsourced Digital Defense Program.
      The Department of Defense announced today efforts to expand its successful ‘Hack the Pentagon’ crowdsourced security program.  DoD awarded contracts to three private-sector Silicon Valley firms to boost the Department’s capacity to run bug bounties aimed at strengthening security for internal DoD assets.  (25 October 2018)
    • ·         DoD CMO Removed.  The Pentagon’s chief management officer, John Gibson, will be replaced due to a lack of production, according to a Wall Street Journal report.  He was on the job for 9 months.  (26 October 2018)
    • ·         National Computer Science Education Week.  The week of 3-8 Dec is National Computer Science Education Week.  In an effort to better expose Montgomery youth to the various career fields and tech education within our community we have asked local organizations to partner with our schools to host various activities throughout the week.  A “Raspberry Pi” competition will be held with local high schools participating.  Help will be needed in the form of judges, mentors and other roles.  If you can offer some time, please contact Charisse Stokes at cstokes@montgomerychamber.com.  (26 October 2018)
    • ·         AFCEA Coming events
    • ·         Annual AFCEA Chapter Awards Luncheon, 13 November, Wynlakes Country Club,1130-1300, Col Rick “Rico” Johns, Deputy Director for Air, Space and Cyberspace Operations, and CIO, Hq AFMC. Tickets are $25 per person, $200 corporate table.  www.afceamontgomery.org.  Reservations need to be made by 1600 7 November.
    • ·         16 January 2019 is tentatively the Annual State of the BES luncheon
    • ·         And of course, MITS, 20-22 May 2019.
    • ·         PMI
    • ·         Dinner Meeting will be 8 November 2018 beginning at 1730 at the RSA Plaza, 1730 Washington Street, on the 6th Floor.  Dinner is $21.00.  The speaker for this month will be Daniel Dykes, CEO Market Intelligence Services, on The PMBOK and the Real World.  For details, etc. register at www.pmisouthalabama.org.  You do not have to be a PMI member to attend.  (26 October 2018)
    • ·         MOAA.  The MOAA monthly luncheons will be on 8 November 1130-1300, at the Maxwell Club.  The Chapter will use this luncheon to honor our Vietnam veterans.  All Vietnam vets are invited to attend.  The guest speaker will be Maj Gen Michael D. Rothstein, AU/CV.  For tickets or information, contact John O’Connor (sactrndklr@gmail.com) or Lt Col John Camp (campjhj@charter.net).  (12 October 2018)
    • ·         Maxwell Retiree Appreciation Day will be 8 November 2018 in the Honor Guard Hangar from 1000-1400.  There will be a number of vendors and booths.  (19 October 2018)
    • ·         Chamber of Commerce.
    • ·         State of Talent.  Sheron Rose, Vice President of Community Strategies at the Chamber, invites you to attend the “State of Talent,” 1 November 2018, 1630-1730 at the Octagon Theater of the Shakespeare festival event:  The POC for this event is Bonnie Evans, bevans@montgomerychamber.com or 240-9299.  Join us as expert speakers share their insights on what successful communities are doing to keep their homegrown talent and recruit new talent, as well as lessons learned on how successful companies are waging and winning the war for prime talent.  Regional updates on workforce development trends and pipeline gaps will be addressed as part of the Chamber’s focus on building competitive regional talent and fostering the pipeline that ensures a robust workforce.  See the flyer attached to the notes.  (26 October 2018)
    • ·         Governmental Affairs Reception.  Meet, engage and connect with Governmental Officials who represent you and your business. Join the Chamber for a reception, November 8, 1700-1830, at Union Station, honoring the region's governmental leadership, bringing together municipal leaders, members of county government, the area's legislative delegation, education leaders and top level stakeholders from the River Region's business community.  Register at https://www.montgomerychamber.com/events/details/governmental-affairs-reception-1855(26 October 2018)
    • ·         Military Appreciation Week Proclamation Signing.  You are invited to attend the signing of a proclamation for Military Appreciation Week on 8 November 2018 at the Headquarters, Alabama National Guard, Congressman Dickinson Drive, Montgomery, AL, beginning at 1000.
    • ·         Chamber Annual Meeting.  The 146th Annual Meeting of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce will be held on December 11, 2018.  (10 August 2018)
    • ·         Other Chamber Events. Details and registration for these events can usually be found at www.montgomerychamber.com.  Select “View Calendar” from the left side of the home page below the “Calendar of Events” listing for a full summary of upcoming events.
    • ·         ZooBoo.  This is the last weekend, and will continue through 31 October (Halloween).  (26 October 2108)
    • ·         Robotics. 
    • ·         Congratulations to Eastwood Cornerstone Robotics for their 1st place (overall) finish last week.  (26 October 2108)
    • ·         Wetumpka HS robotics team will make their presentation on 16 November (week before Thanksgiving).  (14 September 2018)
    • ·         AFA Veterans Day Luncheon.  The AFA Chapter 102 Veterans Day luncheon will be on Wednesday 7 November 2018, 1130-1300, at the RSA Activity Center, Dexter Avenue.  The speaker will be RADM Kent Davis.  Cost for the luncheon is $22.  Due to limited seating, early sign up is encouraged, but must be made NLT 2 November.  To register, please go to https://s01.123signup.com/Member?PG=1531364182400&P=15313641339580781433242400(12 October 2018)
    • ·         Visitors:
    • ·         Steve Werner, Director MGMWerx, swerner@mgmwerx.org.

    ·         Personnel.


    • ·         Position(s) Available: 
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