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    Dayton, NCR Fast Rope

    15    February 2019

    Attendees: David Hart, Joni Ahlers, Mike Wiseman, Steve Hannaford, David Dodds, Carl Shofner

    DC Attendees: (Stratera Host)-Marianne Padgett, Jeff Pendry, Steve Werrliein) Terry Bura, Melvin Sassooon, Larry Pokroy, Richard Goudie

    Dial-In Attendees: Richard Goudie, Lynn Moad, Jim Marshall, Walt Schroeder, John H, Harvey Goldberg, Shannon Cox, Ron Hartke, Melvin Sassoon, Harvey, Dennis Lucy, Tracy G(spelling?), Ron, Jerry Evans, MaryAnn Pagent

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    ·         AFCEA Luncheon – Dayton – February 21st – Maj General Bill Cooley https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/event-3098921
    ·         PTAC – Dayton – February 22nd – Doing Business w/ WPAFB – Agency & SB Perspective http://www.ptassist.com/services/ptac_web_register.php?id=4BB7F53568
    ·         Fourth Friday at 444 – Dayton - February 22nd - https://444dayton.com/
    ·         New Horizon AFCEA – Boston, MA -  March 4-6 http://www.afceaboston.com  Opportunity Discover for AF STTR and Dayton Local Resources March 14th - https://444dayton.com/event/opportunity-discovery-with-the-air-force-sttr-program-and-local-resources/?instance_id=45
    ·         AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days – National Harbor, MD – March 20-22 https://www.fbcinc.com/e/AFCEABelvoir/
    ·         WPAFB TECHEXP – Hope Hotel, Dayton – April 3 https://www.ncsi.com/event/wpafb/
    ·         Montgomery Information Technology Summit(MITS) – Montgomery, AL – May 21-22 http://www.afceamontgomery.org/page-1861754
    ·         AFCEA/LOA LOG IT Summit – Dayton, Ohio – June 3-4 / Golf on 3rd https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/
    ·         AFLCM LCID – Dayton, Ohio June 19-21 "Improving Warfighter Readiness by Strengthening Alliances" https://www.wpafb.af.mil/lcid/
    ·         Warrior Weekend to Remember – Dayton, Ohio – July 10-14 https://warriorwtr.com/
    ·         AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium, O’Fallon, IL - June 25-26 http://www.afceacyberconference.com/  Golf will be on Monday, June 24th

    Discussion Topics:

    ·         Michael Wisman – MJW Lean Consulting, LLC
    o   Looking to get work in the DoD
    ·         Stratera
    o   Patton & Trade office
    o   FEMA
    o   Mentor Protégé JV with Fulcrum IT since March 2018–WOSB, going well, their proposal dept. was a learning curve, they bid a lot of work, scheduling/meeting every two weeks, new BD process, program management office- their goal is to get this process down.  (Marianne Padgertt-CEO-(703)675-74880.  
    §  Fulcrum bought by Hunington Ingles and they plan to keep the name Fulcrum
    ·         JV was listed as asset when the sale happened
    §  Jeff Pendry – made the introduction for the Mentor Protégé
    §  One opportunity drove this partnership
    §  Process to get the JV was quick on approval from SBA
    §  No contracts won yet
    §  Stratera has supported the USPTO for 20 years (Java, UCO, BPR, Systems Modernization). 
    §  Support to FEMA involving PM, RG, UI/UX, Documentation, Data Visualization, Agile, Solution Roadmaps on a “Logistics Management Systems”. 
    §  Similar Support to Gannett-PM, Agile, Cloud, Solution Roadmap, DevOps, OST, Testing, CMS.     

    Specific Needs/Leads:

    ·         David Dodds - ICS - Looking to partner or discuss DHS EGIS.  John H. and Richard G can offer some insight.   
    ·         Carl Shofner – OST -  always looking for C4 ISR partners
    ·         Melvin S – Cougar – RISK, SIBR OTA partners.  Looking at HHS IAII Opportunity. 
    ·         ? - USAID Prime Global Health mobile app
    ·         Terry – looking for Small businesses partners interested in Vanguard 3.1 with Logcom, FBI-ITSSS, NOAA NMITS, and USPTO NGT.   
    ·         Larry-PN Automation-8a and Hubzone.
    ·         Richard-DHS Eagle2 going away – keep track of GSA IT70 ebuy task orders for DHS.  Other vehicles include GSA Alliant & SB, GSA OASIS, and VETS2.  Also, we should build a list of JV’s that all the FR companies are involved with currently.  Please email to Richard_goudie@icloud.com.  
    ·         Dennis H – USDA, DHS, US Marshall Service, ICE, Secret Service
    o   571-334-4005
    ·         Harvey Goldberg- fraud & abuse grant program looking 240-888-8801 (Dennis Lucy)
    ·         Shannon Cox –
    ·         Dennis Lucy – NC2 22nd luncheon army navy topic luncheon army
    ·         John H. (Dennis Refereral)-571-334-4005.  Looking to connect on opportunities tied to USDA, NRCS, DHS-ICE, USSS.  
    ·         Tracy – Steva ITS3s Prime looking for partners
    ·         Ron Hartke – SEC ONE Net-Looking for partners with SEC experience (Mike Dell).  District Awards Event-Business Panelist Columbus 10-12
    ·         Jerry Evans – IAA -  Nuclear and WMD background, IT OEM, Big Data, AF Cyber support looking for team, DICE, FASE, NOSIT, 703-298-1734
    ·         Segue – BD hire in DC, non-AF (looking DoD, Army, MC)
    o   Contact David Hart
    ·         Billy Grill
    www.Afrlsbhub.com is getting a new search capability allowing users to search FBO/AFRL straight from the SB Hub (coming in March/April)
    • Outreach efforts ramped up starting March
    • Funding for additional development/move to AWS secured
    • Being considered for Dayton Startup Week Pitch/Early Risers in June
    • Potential other conference presentations later this year
    • Need user and test data as part of outreach
    AFCEA Dayton-Wright is pushing social engagement, our goal is to increase Twitter followers and Facebook followers this year. Links:

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