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    From AFA Daily Digest.

    • ·         Jamieson Nominated for New Position Overseeing ISR, Cyber Ops.  Lt. Gen. VeraLinn Jamieson, the Air Force’s deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, was nominated to lead a newly combined branch of the Air Staff overseeing ISR and cyber effects operations, the Defense Department said Feb. 8. The service is combining ISR and cyber leadership to better posture itself for “information dominance,” reflecting an earlier merger of the operations-level 24th and 25th Air Forces. Bringing together the A2 and A6 will also create further distinctions between combat uses of information—like ISR, electronic warfare, and cyber—and the Air Force’s evolving information technology enterprise  (11 February 2019)
    • ·         Pentagon Pushes for Speed in Cloud Strategy. Amid two high-profile, multibillion cloud procurements, the Defense Department released its cloud strategy Monday (11 February 2019), laying a path forward for how the military branches and Pentagon components will adopt cloud technology.  The full article from Defense One is at https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2019/02/pentagon-pushes-speed-cloud-strategy/154708/?oref=d-river.  (11 February 2019)
    • ·         Pentagon Releases New AI Strategy, Calls for CollaborationThe Defense Department on Tuesday released its first-ever strategy on artificial intelligence, saying development of these capabilities is needed to stay relevant in an emerging technology that will touch all mission areas. Russia and China are developing and weaponizing their own AI capabilities. Read the full story by Brian Everstine and Amy McCullough. (13 February 2019)
    • ·         Fake DoD TAP Website.  Air Forces Cyber issued a Facebook post on Tuesday cautioning airmen against visiting a fake DoD Transition Assistance Program website that attempts to solicit website visitors’ personally identifiable information and download malware onto their computers.  The website, which Air Forces Cyber said was first discovered by its Marine Corps counterpart, attempted to pull one over on service members by hosting the fraudulent website at a secure URL—or one that begins with the “https://” prefix—and with the same web address text as the actual program’s site, just using different capitalization. “The correct URL is https://go.afa.org/e/285922/2019-02-13/4qtcnw/471853100?h=2aNbUg7YAvv5bBSwDqx436_z5oTKmD8V9CR88mA2nZc” Air Forces Cyber stressed in the post.  (13 February 2019)
    • o   AFA published the following correction on 14 February 2019: An entry in the Feb. 13 Daily Report mischaracterized the route by which a fraudulent website impersonated the Defense Department's Transition Assistance Program website. The fraudulent site utilized a .com vs. a .mil suffix. We have corrected the original entry
    • ·         Pentagon Pilot to Explore Managing Portfolios, Not Programs.  Top-level Pentagon officials this year will run an acquisition pilot program to learn how to buy assets as part of broad mission portfolios, rather than simply asking for the next generation of an existing system.  Nuclear command, control, and communications is a prime candidate for the first look, Kevin Fahey, the Defense Department’s assistant secretary of defense for acquisition, said at a Feb. 13 National Defense Industrial Association conference.  The Pentagon’s acquisition and sustainment and research and engineering branches will partner with the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office to find the right way to structure budgets and piece together disparate technologies.  “We’re going to start with high-priority mission threads, like [NC3],” Fahey said.  “What are all the aspects of that capability so that we make sure that when we fund a program, it’s critical to doing the mission, not just the next … tank or what have you?”  The pilot follows an acquisition reform panel’s recent report that pushed the importance of software, portfolio management, and commercial products.  (14 February 2019)
    • ·         Cyber Command Lessons Learned from 2018 Elections.  Efforts to protect the 2018 midterm elections from foreign interference are expected to be studied and reapplied to protect the November 2020 elections, the commander of U.S. Cyber Command said on Capitol Hill.  (19 February 2019)
    • ·         Fix it Before It Breaks: SOCOM JAIC Pioneer Predictive Maintenance AI.  The Pentagon’s new Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is about to deploy its first operational project, a joint venture with Special Operations Command to predict helicopter breakdowns before they happen.  It’s the latest example of how SOCOM is applying artificial intelligence to real-world warfare, a cutting-edge role it previously played with the intelligence-gathering Project Maven.  (21 February 2019)
    • ·         USAF Details Game Plan for 10-Day Base Housing Review Directed by SECAF, CSAF.  The Air Force is in the middle of a housing “standdown,” reviewing all 74,500 of the service’s housing units worldwide by March 1 following a directive from USAF leadership to find health and safety risks in base housing.  The 10-day review aims to examine all family housing units firsthand for health and safety risks, according to a release.  It will consist of tours of each unit that are conducted with tenants present, plus the solicitation of input from airmen about relevant problems they’ve experienced in their units, the release said.  "The results will give senior civilian and military leaders a more thorough understanding of the extent and severity of the problems and help inform responsive solutions," the release said.  The same directive that ordered the review stated it will be the duty of senior USAF leaders to identify and help fix many housing issues experienced by airmen and their families, the release said, including “the presence of black mold, rodent infestation, flooding, radon, and faulty wiring.”  The directive also charged the Air Force Inspector General with evaluating the way the service "responds to complaints about conditions at base housing,” the release said.  USAF policy is also being reviewed to determine whether any directives are keeping commanders from being able to properly respond to such complaints, the release said.  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         Veterans Seeking Jobs.  For those who missed the ads during the Super Bowl, Google sponsored one about veterans and their experience.  If you missed it, here is a link to the YouTube edition: https://youtu.be/fJopp9RlPJc(22 February 2019)
    • ·         MGMWerx. 
    • ·         Join MGMWERX, Team Sijan, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts for a special screening of the documentary "SIJAN" at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26.  The documentary will run about 1.5 hours and will conclude with a 30-minute question and answers session hosted by Capt. Lance P. Sijan's sister and the documentary producer, Janine Sijan-Rozina.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mgmwerx-presents-a-special-screening-of-sijan-tickets-56066788273 to get your ticket or reservation.  (8 February 2019)
    • o   GO TO <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EynzRphMkFk> TO WATCH THE TRAILER NOW!
    • o   Special Movie & Dinner seating option!  Café M located inside the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts will offer a special limited-seating dinner following the screening of the Sijan Documentary. The three course meal is $25, payable at the venue at time of service. Drinks and gratuity are extra.
    • ·         Sonalysts, Inc., will move forward as the vendor of choice for the Engineering Sprint stage of the MGMWERX Spacecraft Engagement Simulation Experiment Challenge.  The Waterford, Conn, based company was selected by MGMWERX and its partner, the Blue Horizons Program at Air University, from a narrowed field of three vendors following the Design Sprint.  This collaborative effort is answering a call for the development of a mobile-friendly application that leverages simulations and gamification to deliver lessons in spacelift, orbital mechanics, operational implications of orbit type, and satellite constellation design for the U.S. Air Force.  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         Tunnel VUE at AF Pitch Day.  Tunnel VUE, a local startup with several MIP regulars involved (Derrick Catman, Kevin Coe, Rick Plaskett) has been selected to make ta presentation on their innovation to the AF Pitch Day in NYC next month.  (22 February 2019
    • ·         AFCEA Coming Events
    • ·         MITS, 20-22 May 2019.
    • o   MITS SPONSORS!!!! Sponsorships are OPEN for reservations.  If you want to have the same sponsorship as last year, you need to make your commitment early.  Go to www.afceamontgomery.org/sponsorships and sign up NOW!
    • ·         Young AFCEANs.  There are 3 upcoming walk/run Get Fit events:
    • o   9 March 2019, Enlisted Heritage Hall 5K, downtown Montgomery register NLT 27 February https://afceamontgomery.wildapricot.org/event-3230919.
    • o   6 April 2019, Centerpoint 5K, Willis Bradford YMCA, McQueen Smith Road,  Prattville, register NLT 27 March https://afceamontgomery.wildapricot.org/event-3230926
    • o   27 April 2019, Walk of Life 5K, downtown Montgomery, register NLT 17 April https://afceamontgomery.wildapricot.org/event-3230944
    • ·         AFCEA Luncheons.  If you are not going to be at a corporate table, plan on joining us and Sit with MIP.  Same price, you get to sit with the cool kids, and avoid the “Table of Misfit Toys” at the back of the room. J
    • ·         “Camp IT” will be held at ASU next week, sponsored by TechMGM and the AFCEA Education Foundation.  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         Global Azure Bootcamp.  Announcing the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 hosted by Troy University's IT Society on 27 April 2019.  Global Azure Bootcamp provides a one day deep dive class on all things Azure and Microsoft's posture on Cloud Computing.  See https://twitter.com/I85Cyber/status/1097542062361194497(22 February 2019)
    • ·         Montgomery Public Schools.  Ted Lowry spoke at MIP this morning about the need for genuine community involvement to really impact our local public schools.  Much of the actions with the State Board of Education and the accrediting authorities have had to do with the central office management and very little with the actual education process.  Even if you can only offer a few hours of time a month, that time will have a great impact in many ways on students.  Contact ted at cthedford@charter.net to learn more or to offer yourself to make an impact on a young person’s life.  22 February 2019
    • ·         “Pre-MITS” Golf Tournaments
    • ·         MOAA Scholarship Golf Tournament.  The annual golf tournament to benefit the scholarship fund will be held on 4 April 2019 at the Arrowhead Country Club.  Thanks to the tournament, $15,000 in scholarships were awarded last year.  Individual golfer or team signups, as well as corporate sponsorships are available.  Proceeds benefit the Montgomery Area Military Officers Scholarship Foundation (MAMOSF) which awards scholarships to high school seniors in the river region, regardless of military affiliation. For more information or to sign up, contact Lynn Oborn at lfoborn@yahoo.com.  (25 January 2019)
    • ·         ICS 13th Annual AFCEA Golf Tournament.  The 13th Annual AFCEA Golf Tournament will be held at the Wynlakes Golf & Country Club on Monday, April 22nd, with registration starting at 1100 and shotgun start at 1230.  $75 per player includes green fees, golf cart and lunch.  Register at www.icsinc.com/events/.  Proceeds to benefit the Montgomery AFCEA Education Foundation.  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         UNISYS Montgomery Golf Tournament.  This year’s annual UNISYS Golf tournament will be on Monday 29 April 2019 at the Arrowhead Country Club.  Online registration and payment are available at https://unisysmontgomerygolf.org/.  UNISYS POC is Mac McDonald (mark.mcdonald@unisys.com(22 February 2019)
    • ·         Montgomery Zoo Weekend will be held 9-10 March at the Montgomery Zoo.  This weekend will feature a number of special events, as well as fund raisers, targeted for renovation of the reptile house.  If you would like to contribute baked goods for the Zoo bake Sale, contact ted Lowry (cthedford@charter.net).  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         BEST Robotics. The BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) robotics competition is a comprehensive program for middle and high school students that has been furthering STEM education in Alabama for almost 20 years.  Local river region teams have long competed in Auburn University's War Eagle BEST robotics competition, but unfortunately, that hub is now closing.  A group of community leaders from the Chamber of Commerce, TECHMGM (Charisse Stokes), ASU, AUM, AFCEA (Eric Sloan), Air University, and other local organizations is working to bring the competition to Montgomery. To do this we need around $75,000 and are looking to companies, organizations, and individuals who are invested in the River Region to achieve that goal.  We would love to have you join with us.    For more information on the program, visit the national website at www.bestinc.org.  Feel free to contact Lee Sumner directly at aleesumner41@gmail.com or 334-652-8641.  (8 February 2019)
    • ·         Chamber of Commerce.
    • ·         Leadership Change:  The Board of Directors of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce announced President Randall L. George will retire effective April 1 and Chamber Executive Vice President Anna B. Buckalew has been elected President & CEO effective April 2.  (8 February 2019)
    • Other Chamber Events. Details and registration for these events can usually be found at www.montgomerychamber.com.  Select “View Calendar” from the left side of the home page below the “Calendar of Events” listing for a full summary of upcoming events.
    • ·         MOAA. 
    • ·         MOAA Scholarship.  Applications for this year’s scholarship are available for download at www.macmoaa.org/home/scholarship/.  The scholarship is available to high school seniors in Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, and Montgomery counties served by the Montgomery Chapter.  Applicants do not have to have a military affiliation.  All applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation must be submitted by 26 April 2019.  (25 January 2019)
    • ·         MOAA Luncheon.  The March luncheon will be held at the Maxwell Club on Thursday 14 March 2019.  The guest speaker will be Lt Col Josh Jensen who is the Operations Division Chief for the LeMay Wargaming Institute.  He will discuss how joint leaders are challenged by using structured decision making processes within purpose build scenarios to prepare for future conflicts..  Social Hour begins at 1100, luncheon 1150-1300.  Reservations must be made by Friday 8 March.  For tickets or information, contact John O’Connor (sactrndklr@gmail.com) or Lt Col John Camp (campjhj@charter.net).  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         BBQ Lunch Benefit for “That Animal Group” (TAG).  TAG is sponsoring its annual BBQ lunch fundraiser on Friday March 8, from 1100-1400, at Dalraida United Methodist Church, 3817 Atlanta Highway.  BBQ Sandwich, chips, pickle and dessert for just $7.00 (cash or check payable to TAG).  Place orders by contacting Charlene Roberson 334.262.8738.  (1 February 2018)
    • ·         AFA Issues LuncheonDate change: Chapter 102 of the Air Force Association will hold its Issue Luncheon at the Maxwell Club, 14 March 2019, 1130-1300.  The speaker will be Brig Gen Christopher Niemi, Commander, Holm Center.  Seating is limited so early reservations are recommended.  See http://www.123signup.com/home?Org=AFA for further information and to sign up.  (4 January 2019)
    • ·         Air University 4th Annual Language Regional Expertise, and Culture Symposium will be held at Maxwell AFB 27-29 March.  For registration and additional information, please go to https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/AFCLC/AU-LREC/ or call 334.953.7450.  (1 February 2019)
    • ·         Gathering of Eagles.
    • ·         In addition to the activities at ACSC for “Eagles Week,” there will be many community events, including an Evening with the Eagles at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival on 29 May.  To support the Foundation and its outreach programs for STEM and related education initiatives, go to www.goefoundation.org(22 February 2019)
    • ·         AFA’s Gathering of Eagles Luncheon.  The annual Gathering of Eagles luncheon will be 28 May 2019 at the Capital City Club.  Details and registration will be posted on the AFA Chapter’s website at http://www.123signup.com/home?Org=AFA in the near future.  (22 February 2019)
    • ·         Gunter Gate Construction
    • ·         Personnel.

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