St. Louis Fast Rope Meeting Notes 02/28/2019

  • 28 Feb 2019 7:43 PM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    St. Louis Fast Rope

    28 February 2019

    Dial-In Attendees: Connie Crome (Diligent), Tony Borgia (FEDITC), Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal), Dave Dodds (ICS), Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST), Dan Willey (Peraton), Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta), David Wade (Leidos), AJ McMillan & Cindy Heflin (C5T), Larry Pokroy (PN Automation), Michelle Sabin (Securboration)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Discussion Topics:

    • ·         New TC/AQ (replacing Gail Jorgensen) is Mr. Kenneth “Ken” Brennan. He has been in place a short time; will start taking office visits “soon.” His previous duty station bio is still available:
    • ·         https://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/sa/biography.html
    • ·         Greg Schwartz is on the list to visit him and will report back to the group as appropriate
    • ·         TC/AQ continues to use T4NG as well as other “Best In Class” vehicles including VETS-2 ad they wait for protests on the other vehicles to be resolved.
    • ·         TC/J6 reports that they will continue to wait for JEDI, although several SDDC programs continue to migrate to the cloud environment that is in place (REAN-native environment?)

    Specific Needs/Leads:

    • ·         Greg Schwartz (PSS Fed)
    • o   Started with PSS Fed in November; Have ~40 FTEs in the Scott AFB area
    • o   New CEO made changes to corporate/indirect employees; Julie Stogner looking for new position
    • ·         Dave Dodds (ICS)
    • o   Awaiting ENCORE III protests to be resolved so task orders can begin flowing
    • ·         Shof Shofner (OST)
    • o   Attending New Horizons next week; look for him if you are attending
    • ·         Tony Borgia (FedITC)
    • o   AMC Announced “Save the Date” for AMC Industry Day at the end of May
    • o   Link to FBO post above
    • ·         Michelle Sabin (Securboration)
    • o   Her last day with Securboration is 1 March; she is returning to Government Service
    • o   Contact Keith Shapiro for any Securboration inquiries
    • ·         Dan Willey (Peraton)
    • o   Reorganized Defense and DHS together in same sector; should produce synergies and growth in the sector
    • ·         AJ McMillan & Cindy Heflin (C5T)
    • o   Seeing velocity on VETS-2 increase as other GWACs/IDIQs are in protest
    • o   Contact them with any interest in opportunities advertised on VETS-2
    • ·         Larry Pokroy (PN Automation)
    • o   Mentioned AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days – National Harbor, MD – March 20-22
    • ·         Connie Crome (Diligent)
    • o   Rick Riney has retired; Pete Fredericksen is named new General Manager
    • o   Roger & Connie still BD & Capture POCs; Roger attending New Horizons next week
    • ·         Joni Ahlers (Segue Technologies)
    • o   Segue is looking for a Proposal Manager in Dayton and a Pega Solutions Architect in Dayton or Virginia HQ job description available in the forum

    Next Month:  28 March 2019 0800-0900 CDT

    Location: PSS Federal, Corporate Crossing Suite TBD, O'Fallon, IL

    Planned Topic(s): Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal) will give Corporate capabilities briefing

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