St. Louis Fast Rope Meeting Notes 03/28/2019

  • 02 Apr 2019 10:09 AM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    St. Louis Fast Rope

    28 March 2019

    Dial-In Attendees Joni Ahlers (Segue), Connie Crome (Diligent), Patrick Burgess (Blue Star Technologies), Dave Dodds (ICS), Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal), Brian Richardson (TRI-COR), David Wade (Leidos), Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST), Dan Willey (Peraton), Garth S (Deloitte), Greg Harris (S4)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Discussion Topics:

    Greg Schwartz presented PSS Federal Corporate capabilities. See posted Capabilities brief.

    Specific Needs/Leads:

    • ·         Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal) - GSchwartz@pssfed.com 
    • o   PSS Federal’s Golf Tournament – benefiting Fisher House in St Louis
    • §  Held April 26h at Cardinal Creek on Scott AFB
    • §  Email Greg for details
    • o   Household Goods (HHG) Industry Day held 19 Feb 2019
    • §  https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=1358f597153560c84aafb2cefa7052e3
    • §  Small business TSPs (Transportation Service Providers) expressed great concern that this will affect their businesses
    • §  RFP expected in June 2019; Award/start in January 2020
    • §  If interested in this opportunity, email Greg; he will get you the documents
    • ·         David Wade (Leidos) - David.G.Wade@leidos.com
    • o   Awaiting various protests to be resolved so task orders can begin flowing
    • o   IGC RFP still not released
    • ·         Shof Shofner (OST) - CShofner@ostglobal.com
    • o   Attended New Horizons -
    • §   Agile, Innovation (Prominent themes from PEO Digital, Mr. Steve Wert)
    • §  OTA Handbook (being released if it hasn’t already)
    • §  ARMY Futures Command presented
    • ·         Joni Ahlers (Segue Technologies) - Joni.Ahlers@seguetech.com
    • o   Looking for a contact at Glacier Technologies
    • §  Tracking an opportunity at USDA Forest Service
    • ·         Brian Richardson
    • o   Lost AISS; TRI-COR still has GDSS Helpdesk, DLA contract
    • o   Will keep group informed as TRI-COR fluctuates between large and small business
    • ·         David Dodds (ICS) - david.dodds@icsinc.com
    • o   GSA OASIS Pool 3 On ramp is 3-4 months away
    • o   GSA Schedule Contracting consolidation is going to happen
    • §  Word is that Contractors will not have to rebid
    • o   GSA Interact website is best way to stay updated on OASIS, Schedule updates, etc.
    • §  https://interact.gsa.gov/
    • o   ALLIANT2 Small Business
    • §  Govt rescinding all awards; putting solicitation back into Source Selection
    • o   TSA – Anyone interested in teaming on opportunities, email Dave
    • ·         Patrick Burgess (Blue Star Technologies) - patrick@bluestartechnologies.com
    • o   Blue Star is an SDVOSB & HUBZone small business; also native American-owned
    • o   Headquartered in South Dakota
    • o   DEV Opps – 3 technicians
    • o   Navy Opp (HUBZone) - Any advice or assistance?
    • o   USDA needs accounting firm to prime, F&O
    • o   Open to any subbing opportunities; Not yet mature enough to prime any work
    • ·         Greg Harris (S4) – gharris@s4inc.com
    • o   Cloud Migration – looking for partner
    • o   AUSA event – he is attending this week
    • ·         Dan Willey (Peraton) – dwilley@peraton.com
    • o   Managing Peraton’s IDIQs (OASIS, ITES-3S, NETCENTS2 NetOps F&O, etc)
    • o   Send Dan email if you are interested in being added to his team’s distribution list
    • ·         Connie Crome (Diligent) – connie.crome@diligent-us.com 
    • o   Attending Marshall Small Business Alliance in Huntsville on 11 April 2019
    • o   AF Item Master Logistics Capability Initiative (IMLCI) going Full & Open on FBO

    Next Month:  25 April 2019 0800-0900 CDT

    Location: TBD – May just be virtual in April. Watch for updates.

    Planned Topic(s):

    • ·         TBD

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