St. Louis Fast Rope Meeting Notes 05/30/2019

  • 30 May 2019 2:57 PM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    St. Louis Fast Rope

    30 May 2019

    Dial-In Attendees: Connie Crome (Diligent), Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal), Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta), Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST), Dave Dodds (ICS), Greg Harris (S4), Al Mink (Systems Spirit), Chuck McGaugh (Continental Mapping)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    https://www.nationalcybersummit.com/  (NSA, FBI)

    Discussion Topics:

    •          AMC Industry Day, Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), Belleville, IL – May 29

    Slides found on FBO at the following link:


    •    Information from morning sessions: (Mr. Greg English)
    •   As of 1 Jul, AFICA becomes AFICC (Air Force Installation & Contracting Center)
    •   763rd SCONS becomes 763rd ESS (Enterprise Sourcing Squadron)
    •   AFICA trying to be less risk-adverse in effort to streamline acquisitions and reduce 30-month lead time
    •   More FAR 16.5 efforts (Task Orders under IDIQs) than FAR 15 (F&O opps)
    •   Ms. Connie Robben leaving as 763rd Small Business Professional
    •      She is going up to the Staff
    •      Her replacement has not been named
    •    USTRANSCOM did not brief any specific opportunities
    •   Review their recent Procurement Forecast update on their web site
    •    AMC briefed a few opportunities; see slides
    •    DISA/DITCO Small Business Professional Ms. Brenda Leonard gave overview
    •   DITCO posts RFIs and Sources Sought > $5M on FBO
    •    Mission Partner AMC A6 – Mr. John Taglieri – Dep A6 “hate hate hates” LPTA

    Specific Needs/Leads:

    •          Connie Crome (Diligent) – connie.crome@diligent-us.com 
    •    Attended AMC Industry Day
    •    Not attending AFCEA Mid-America Cyber Symposium this year due to PTO
    •   See everyone next time, or at AFITC!
    •          Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta) - Curt.Piontkowsky@perspecta.com
    •    Now in a BD role. Presented an overview of Perspecta. See attached.
    •    Greg Schwartz (PSS Federal) - GSchwartz@pssfed.com
    •    PSS received mods to migrate the 2 SDDC applications they sustain to the cloud
    •         Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST) - CShofner@ostglobal.com
    •    Provided overview of Montgomery Information Technology Summit (MITS)
    •       Dave Dodds (ICS) - david.dodds@icsinc.com
    •    Log IT Summit: Only ~100 folks registered, so if you want to attend, please sign up!
    •          Greg Harris (S4) – gharris@s4inc.com
    •    National Cyber Summit next week in Montgomery
    •          Al Mink (Systems Spirit) – AlMink@SystemsSpirit.com
    •    May not be active in Fast Rope for a while; pursuing other interests
    •         Chuck McGaugh (Continental Mapping) – cmcgaugh@continentalmapping.com
    •  Interested in talking about USTRANSCOM’s TGIS (Transportation Geospatial Information System) opportunity
    •    Attending GEOINT conference in San Antonio next week

    Next Month:  27 June 2019 – CANX, but folks are welcome to meet during Cyber Symposium

    (Dave Hart or Leslie Lindauer may coordinate something for that week; stay tuned for updates.)

    Next Meeting:  25 July 2019 0800-0900 CDT

    Location: Likely Virtual – If you would like to host, contact Connie Crome. Watch for updates.

    Planned Topic(s):

    • ·         <Company> Presentation (~10 minutes) - If you would like to present, contact Connie.
    • ·         Discussion re AFCEA Cyber Symposium
    • ·         Other Topics including Needs and Leads

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