MIP Notes from Coffee 6-21-2019

  • 21 Jun 2019 10:24 AM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)
    • ·         AFA Daily Report

    ·         Who Does What for DoD Cyber?  Cyber Command’s cadre of cyberwarriors reached full operational capability in May 2018 and the services are continuing to build out headquarters organizations used to plan, conduct, and synchronize cyber operations and teams.  Hill staffers, for at least the past year, have been concerned with how the command and its mission forces are maturing, including how forces are used.  Their questions highlight how little the broader cyber community understands about how the military deploys cyber teams.  (17 June 2019)

    • ·         Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE).  (referenced in AFA Daily report)  A NATO cyber defense organization welcomed four new member nations June 13: Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, and Romania.  The Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) is a NATO-accredited international military organization that specializes in cyber defense in technology, strategy, operations, and law.  The membership of the new nations to CCDCOE was celebrated with a flag raising ceremony.  “The fact that more and more nations are joining up to actively contribute to cyber security reflects the need to improve capabilities in the cyber domain,” Col Tarien, director of the multinational interdisciplinary hub of cyber defense expertise, said in a press release. “Increased global connectivity and technological development means that we have to be ready for any type of cyber threat and bring our capabilities up to date. Tackling cyber threats that our democracies are facing demand expert knowledge and skills, which are reinforced by close cooperation between Allies and Partners.”  Founded in 2008, the cyber center began with seven members. Now the organization has 25 members and expects to expand.  Japan, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Switzerland are all in the process of joining the center, according to a press release.  (18 June 2019)
    • ·         AF Brings in Chief Software Officer.  Nicolas Chaillan, a cybersecurity adviser in the Office of the Secretary of Defense with roots in commercial industry and the Department of Homeland Security, has joined the Air Force to oversee daily software development as chief software officer.  Chaillan started as CSO in May, and concurrently serves as co-lead of the Defense Department’s enterprise-wide coding security initiative, according to his LinkedIn page.  His appointment is among the positions the Air Force has created in the past few years to better harness its data and develop software faster, including a chief data officer and a digital program executive officer.  The CSO’s job is to look across the Air Force’s growing number of software development efforts and coding factories like Kessel Run for the Air Operations Center, Kobayashi Maru for the space sector, Bespin for business systems, and LevelUP for the cyber Unified Platform, foster each, and share technical lessons learned between teams.  (20 June 2019)
    • ·         Richardson to Contractors: “Push Back” Against Pointless Requirements.  If the Air Force is putting unreasonable and non-value-added requirements into its new systems, the service’s new top uniformed acquisition official wants industry to argue the point, promising he’ll listen to such pushback if the points are valid. Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson also said he wants his people to be willing to say yes to requests from contractors and other departments and not be needlessly obstructive, as long as doing so doesn’t carry a cost.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         Montgomery Mayoral Candidates IT Forum. A forum with candidates for the mayor of Montgomery, focusing on how the City’s IT vision and potential will be held on Tuesday 6 August 2019 beginning at 1700 in the Rosa Parks Museum auditorium.  This is an opportunity for those of us in the IT sector to see how these candidates understand the impact of IT on our community.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         Help Wanted!  This event needs help from the MIP membership.  We will need a POC to gather questions and prepare “read-aheads” for candidates.  Also we need someone to coordinate the invitations and work with the candidates to prepare for the forum.  A moderator is also needed to manage the discussion.  Plan on discussing in detail as a main agenda item for next week’s MIP Meeting.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         MDA Small Business Conference.  The 20th Annual Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Small Business programs Conference is planned for 25-26 June in Huntsville, AL.  Registration ends soon and the event is selling out fast.  The final Draft Agenda is posted and breakout sessions have been added to accommodate some upcoming MDA acquisitions.  For more information, go to www.ndiatvc.org(14 June 2019)
    • ·         SBEAS Update.  As of 20 June, 1 protest was dismissed, one withdrawn, but 2 additional ones have been submitted.  Based on the GAO review timeline, the estimated date for adjudication of the final protest is 27 September 2019.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         Alabama Technology Foundation.  Attached to today’s notes is a presentation on the Alabama Technology Foundation.  The short version of its vision is to address the brain drain of talent from Alabama, and provided an environment for Alabama IT companies to recruit directly from our in-state resources.  Several MIP Members are involved either on the Board of Directors or on the Advisory Board.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         Base Gate Closures for Construction.
    • ·         Maxwell Main Gate Closure.  The Maxwell Boulevard Gate is closed until 31 July 19 for barrier upgrades.  The Visitors’ Center will remain operational in its current location.  Day Street is the 24/7 gate during the construction, and the Kelly Street gate will have normal hours.  (10 May 2019)
    • ·         Dalraida Gate Closure (Gunter).  The Dalraida gate will be closed from 1-30 September to complete the new gate construction.  The Congressman Dickinson gate will remain the 24/7 access gate.  (10 May 2019)
    • ·         AFITC. 
    • ·         Booth sales are now open for AFITC, 26-28 August 2019.  Go to https://www.afitc-event.com/exhibit/ for information and to reserve your booth space now.  (31 May 2019)
    • ·         AFITC Call for papers.  Submissions are now being accepted for presenters at AFITC.  Now is your opportunity to take part in this premier annual event by becoming a presenter or panel speaker in AFITC breakout sessions.  For 2019, the theme is Cyberpower: Critical to Multi-Domain Operations.  Papers selected will be allotted a 45 minute breakout education and training session.  Attendees at your session may get CLP training credits for attending your session.  Preliminary areas of focus are:

    o   Network We Need; Enterprise IT as a Service and Change Focus

    • o   Cyber Security that Works; Critical Infrastructure / Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain Management Focus
    • o   Vibrant and Ready Cyber Airmen; Officer, Enlisted, Civil Service Focus
    • o   Empowering Partner Transformation; Business Systems Focus
    • o   Data; Transformation to a  Data Driven Digital Air Force Focus
    • o   Agile Development; Software Factory, DevOps, Kessel Run Focus
    • o   Emerging Cyber Threats; Cyber Defense and Emerging Electromagnetic Threats Focus

    The AFITC welcomes a range of ideas, thoughts, and strategies. If you have a topic you would like to share as part of a breakout training session, workshop, or panel discussion, there is a link on the web site to submit your information. This Call for Papers is open to individuals and organizations across the public and private sectors.

    In 2018, the AFITC featured well over 100 breakout sessions, providing ample opportunity for organizations to present ideas, analysis, training, and other critical information to the nearly 3500 attendees at the event.  If your organization would like to have its voice heard, fill out the Call for Papers Online Form for consideration of inclusion in the AFITC 2019.  Deadline for submissions is 8 July 2019.

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWAS2MCHJ3dcbBFHxqorADGVUaTSTMQ2UM_E1WspvL7sE-mA/viewform is the link to the submission form.  Selected speakers will be notified by15 July.  Draft briefs due 26 July and final briefs by 9 AugustNOTE:  The online form may have some different dates listed.  The dates in this notice are the correct deadlines, provided by an AFITC Committee member.

    Please remember that this is an Education and Training event sponsored by the Air University.  That  will be a factor in assessing which papers will be selected, and should guide you in writing your abstract as well as your final paper, if selected.  (21 June 2019)

    • ·         Montgomery Zoo Military Appreciation Day.  Thanks to all who volunteered yesterday.  There was a good turnout (final numbers not in yet) and the weather cooperated.  (21 June 2019)
    • ·         Chamber of Commerce.
    • ·         Other Chamber Events. Details and registration for these events can usually be found at www.montgomerychamber.com.  Select “View Calendar” from the left side of the home page below the “Calendar of Events” listing for a full summary of upcoming events.
    • ·         MOAA Luncheon.  There will not be a MOAA luncheon in July or August, but will resume September 12.  The annual MOAA BBQ will be on 10 August at the Hopper Lodge.  For tickets or information, contact John O’Connor (sactrndklr@gmail.com) or Lt Col John Camp (campjhj@charter.net).  (14 June 2019)
    • ·         PMI Dinner.  11 July 2019.  Social hour and dinner 1730-1930.  Sign up at http://www.pmisouthalabama.org/. You do not have to be a member of PMI to attend.  (14 June 2019)

    ·         Space and Missile Defense Conference.  The annual Space and Missile Defense Conference will be at the von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama on August 6, 2019.  For agenda, registration and other information, see www.smdsymposium.org(14 June 2019)

    ·         2019 AFA Community Partner Appreciation LuncheonWe are pleased to announce 2019 AFA Community Partners Appreciation Lunch on August 22, 2019, 1115 to 1300 at the Maxwell AFB Club. Due to limited capacity for this event, make reservations early.  Go to https://s01.123signup.com/servlet/SignUpMember?PG=1531364182300&P=15313641911433784900  (7 June 2019)

    • ·         AFA 2019 Air, Space & Cyber Conference will be 16-18 September 2019 at the National Harbor Maryland convention center.  Registration and agenda information is now available at https://airspacecyber2019.expotracker.net/index.aspx(3 May 2019)
    • ·         Maxwell AFB Air Show.  Save the dates!!! Saturday 18 April 2020 and Sunday 19 April 2020.  (10 May 2019)
    • ·         Visitors:
    • ·         Anna Ganey, MGMWerx Business Manager, aganey@mgmwerx.org.

    ·         Personnel.  N/A

    • ·         Position(s) Available:  N/A

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