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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Attending in DC: David (Segue), Tim (Segue), Kevin (Segue), Julie Shanahan (Consultant), Wes(Terrathink), Richard  (RDGS), Bob Fudge (Evanhoe)

    Dayton:   Matt (Evanhoe), Harris (Peerless), Billy Grill(Rebel Marketing), Ron, Carl Shofner, Michael (Matrix), Michael (Digital), Yvonne (Segue),

    Call In: Harvey (TKC), Dennis (AKAMA), Steve (Encore), Dale (Geneva SW), Matthew, Mike, Ruby (CMTS), Greg (S4), Bob (Penbay), Lynn Moad, Marti (Evanhoe)

    Member Notes:

    • ·         Tim-Navy/USMC Lead for Segue, OPEN FOR BUSINESS, Aug 12th-Navy League/Safe Harbor Golf Tournament, NAVI4 Event August 13thhttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/navy-safe-harbor-foundation-navy-league-national-capital-council-9th-annual-golf-tournament-dc-area-tickets-58319864284
    • ·         Kevin Wallace-Segue, PR & Wounded Warrior Outreach
    • ·         David Hart-Segue, Warrior Weekend to Remember was a great success, Introduced speaker Max Kidalov of the Department of Air Force, Office of the Secretary, Attorney/Advisor-Contracts, Legal Counsel for the AFSBP; LCMC Air Force Pitch day coming; AFITC Event in Montgomery AL in late August; Aug 6-8 SMD Event in Huntsville AL; Segue will be at Navy Gold Coast; Should have a briefing on OTAs (Luke Schaff?).  AFMC is a Major Command and spends ¾ the Air Force budget (buys all weapon systems and IT.          
    • ·         Julie-Consultant, DHS and Air Force experience. 
    • ·         Wes-Terrathink, NASJ OTA
    • ·         Richard-Fabian Plath’s Company “Tyto Athene” is looking for BD Leads with experience in Energy & Defense (All but Air Force).  Fabian.Plath@gotyto; Reminder-DHS will be utilizing best of breed GSA vehicles for Eagle Nexgen (CIOSP3, Alliant, STARS 8(a), VETS, and IT70); I am also looking for strategic SDVOSB partners with experience at VA in particular involving  help desk, telephone switchboard, medical transcription, and contact closeout work for a client’s recompete efforts.  Contact: rdgservicesllc1@gmail.com
    • ·         Mike McKinney- Email: memckinney@attain.com
    • ·         Michael- Matrix, SecureCyber-Miamisburg 
    • ·         Steve Bain-Encore Solutions, Virginia Beach, Federal, Maritime. 
    • ·         Billy Grill-Send list of OTAs as they have built a comprehensive OTA list. 
    • ·         Dale Hollins-Geneva SW, State Dept., HUD, CBP.
    • ·         Harvey-TKC, federal government support.
    • ·         Dennis Lucey-AKAMA, ANC
    • ·         Ruby-CMTS, Montgomery AL
    • ·         Greg Harris-Peerless, S4, Homeland & Defense, AFRL, NASA, Navy, Encore, OASIS.
    • ·         Michael-Digital, USACE, Fast Lane, Dayton OH
    • ·         Mike-IMC looking for help on a ChemBio briefing/Models

    Briefing Notes from Max Kidalov:

    • ·         There have been legislative changes impacting small businesses. 
    • ·         The Air Force spends $11 Billion with SBs which is 20% of the budget.
    • o   SB Directorates are very active (AF Academy & DC Legislation)
    • o   Cross guided services (constructions, technology, IT)
    • §  They are looking at how to integrate IT more
    • ·         Also received the DOD Vanguard Award
    • ·         There has been a focus on tracking appropriate data, opportunities while working with the Directors of the major Commands. 
    • ·         Cross Cutting Services
    • ·         Technology and innovation. 
    • ·         5-year Average for small business.  Senate Bill focused on meeting # of employees & revenue.  
    • ·          Section 809 panel was the strategic realignment of SB programs to focus on the unified management of the small business industrial base & PTACs. 
    • 1.       Focus on small businesses briefing the Air Force.  
    • 2.       Buys: Readily available w/customization, service acquisition, no notice purchases
    • 3.       Programs aligned to mission priority like national defense and automation.
    • 4.       Recommendations were “Buy based”.  Double the SBIR program, Pitch days via SBIR.  Received 400 proposals and 60 were selected to pitch relevant to gadgets and services.  Segue was one of the selected companies.
    • 5.       Change to Socioeconomic Programs to require certifications with a $300 application fee.  2 current programs-8a and Hubzo0ne.  SDVOSB a focus. 
    • 6.       Goal of House Bill is unlimited options for sole source.  Challenge is rule of 2/competitive.      
    • 7.       Cyber Security Changes coming which could impact (exclude) about 175,000 companies that do not have minimal cyber security standards.
    • 8.       Air Force Outreach Programs/Mentor Protégé-Business Model Dependent, NIST Document Guidance (NARA and HHS), DFAR Defense Categories of Information, Type of Information.   



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