St. Louis Fast Rope Meeting Notes 07/25/2019

  • 26 Jul 2019 11:50 AM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    St. Louis Fast Rope

    25 July 2019

    Dial-In Attendees: Connie Crome (Diligent), David Wade (Leidos), Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta), Cindy Heflin (C5T), Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST), Greg Harris (S4), Steve Hannaford (Illumination Works), Mike Wiseman (MJW Lean Consulting)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Discussion Topics:

    • ·         AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium, O’Fallon, IL - June 25-26 http://www.afceacyberconference.com/
    • o   Positive Feedback from the group
    • §  BGen Lyman, USTRANSCOM TCJ6, made himself very accessible to both Airmen and Industry – which generated a lot of positive vibes
    • o   Ms. Leslie Lindauer did a great job of organizing; Well done!
    • o   AFCEA Scott luncheons on base this year to engage more w military/civilian personnel
    • ·         Legislative Changes for Small Businesses – discussed at July 20 Dayton/NCR Fast Rope  
    • o   Discussed by those who attended as well as notes from meeting
    • o   3-yr Avg -> 5-yr Avg change open for public comment
    • §  https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=SBA-2019-0006-0001

    Specific Needs/Leads:

    • ·         Connie Crome (Diligent) – connie.crome@diligent-us.com 
    • o   Attending both SMD Symposium and AFITC in August
    • o   Majority of USTRANSCOM/SDDC FY19 opps are in Source Selection or live RFPs
    • §  GFM and EDE/Big Data are still pre-RFP
    • §  HHG is pre-RFP; draft RFP released 6/27/19; final RFP expected 8/19/19
    • ·         Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta) - Curt.Piontkowsky@perspecta.com
    • o   Attended Cyber Symposium – positive feedback; hopes to attend AFITC
    • o   Recently won some Air Force work
    • ·         David Wade (Leidos) - David.G.Wade@leidos.com
    • o   TMS OTA work coming along well; done next year; Govt unsure how they might procure follow-on work
    • ·         Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST) - CShofner@ostglobal.com
    • o   OTS based in NCR; Shof is in Ohio; Attending AFITC
    • ·         Cindy Heflin (C5T) -  cindy.heflin@c5t.com
    • o   VET2 Contract has been quite busy
    • ·         Greg Harris (S4) – gharris@s4inc.com
    • o   Attending AFITC
    • ·         Steve Hannaford (Illumination Works) –  steve.hannaford@ilwllc.com
    • o   Illumination Works is a technology solutions consulting company with a high level of technical aptitude specializing in big data and advanced analytics.
    • o   Interested in USTRANSCOM requirement for Enterprise Data Environment and Big Data Analytic Capability
    • ·         Mike Wiseman (MJW Lean Consulting) – mike@mjwleanconsulting.com
    • o   MJW Lean Consulting is based in Ohio and focuses on building leaders, equipping individuals, strengthening teams, and pursuing best process using Lean Six Sigma
    • o   Interested in any teaming opportunities

    Next Meeting:  22 August 2019 0800-0900 CDT

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* New dial-in number next month using a Microsoft Teams link:

    Virtual: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting                                                            

    +1 571-429-4595  Conference ID: 265 985 54# 

    Location: Virtual Only – If you would like to host, contact Connie Crome. Watch for updates.

    Planned Topic(s):

    • ·         <Company> Presentation (~10 minutes) - If you would like to present, contact Connie.
    • ·         Discussion requested from members: 1) FY20 Opportunities at Scott AFB, and 2) changes in budgeting and insourcing
    • ·         Other Topics including Needs and Leads

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