• 16 Aug 2019 3:15 PM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Attending in DC: Tim (Segue), Melvin Sassoon (Cougaar Software)

    Attending in Dayton: Joni Ahlers (Segue), David (Segue), Yvonne Vermillion (Segue) Mark Wyatt (Rainbow), Nathan Garcia (GARSAN Solutions), Joel Nordstrom (Nordstrom Films), Tom Mikusa (Iron Clad), Carl Shofner (ICS), Aaron Hager (Evanhoe), David Reynolds (Rainbow), Michael Gething (Matrix), Billy Grill (Rebel Marketing),

    Call In: Ron Hartke (Ardent Technologies), Nick Marchand (Iron Clad), Irv Ramirez (Peerless Technologies), Jim Marshall (Independent)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Member Notes:

    • SOSSEC
    • o   At the SOSSEC conference held in Dayton yesterday Col. Chad Harris who is a PM for Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) within the US Army PE/EIS stated that these coliseum events they are looking to industry to provide more involvement on pricing for hardware and software, collaboration training and tool transition. So for the formally scheduled event at AUSA be prepared and schedule one-on-one sessions. They previously awarded 13 companies an award at the AFCEA Belvoir Industry Day.
    • o   No opportunities presented
    •                      Navy Conferences – Tim H. is willing to share notes and talk about opportunities
    •                      Nick Iron Clad – Cloud Migration, GSA Vets2 Prime looking for partners
    •                      David Hart (Segue)
    • o   AFITC – Segue will be at booth 424 come see us and the STAR exhibit
    • o   AFLCMC Pitch Day – Rapid acquisition, SIBR
    • o   West Virginia – FastRope – FBI, DOJ, NOAA & NASA footprint
    • §  So anyone you may know in this area that would be interested in attending get with David or Joni
    •                      Shofner – agile, SAFE, CMMI5, DOD & Federal work, DHS, FEMA, IRS, FFA, Army & Navy
    • o   Always looking for partners
    • o   Large company
    • o   Expand in Hanscom, C4ISR, Huntsville, Space, Logistics at WPAF, CAM
    • o   Smartcity, Smartbase – smart sensors
    •                      Tom Mikusa – Navy heavy trying to get AF work and partner
    •                      Mark Wyatt – helping small to medium companies breaking into commercial space
    •                      Joel Nordstrom – videoing, new to the space
    •                      David Reynolds – EDI Services, Data Management, DLA work, 20,000 vendor management oversight
    • o   Looking to team
    •                      Michael Gething -  R&D, Research lab, NASIC, AF Advance signal processing, collection systems, secure facilities, TSCI
    • o   Special access for lease if you need it, they can help get companies prepared for facility clearance
    •                      Aaron Hager – Evanhoe,
    • o   Tinker in the Prime- heavily focused on big boys, PEO, PEO Agile, portfolio budget growing, AFC component repair, digital growth is there  
    •                      Nathan Garcia – SB, Delivery work with the state of Ohio currently, trying to get back into federal space, data, project management, IT, applied for 8a (90 days or so) looking for partners
    • o   Dashboarding
    • o   Data conversions
    • o   Data execution
    • o   DBA
    •                      Irv Ramirez Peerless
    • o   SIBR -  outreach program for AF



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