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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Attending in Dayton: Inline with notes

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Member Notes:

    Round Table

    • ·         David Hart (Segue-Dayton)
    • o   FASTTROPE Updates
    • §  Networking
    • §  Bring something to the table
    • §  Value Add
    • §  Insight into changes
    • §  Shared experiences
    • §  Local meetings- no dial in, you show up and held accountable to bring fast something to the table
    • ·         Dyan McCalmma, Greentree, Dayton HQ
    • ·         Jeff Liffick, BTAS, Women Owned, Cyber, Services, Dayton HQ
    • ·         Bob Hulley, President, Matrix, Dayton, HQ, ISR, NASIC
    • ·         Antonio Jones, Artisan Technology, Dayton HQ
    • ·         Carl Shof Shofner, OST
    • ·         Aaron, Evanhoe, Dayton HQ
    • ·         Tom Mikusa, Iron Clad
    • ·         Nathan Garcia, Garcia Solutions, Dayton HQ, SB, 8a Submitted
    • ·         Bob Fudge, Evanhoe, Dayton HQ, SDVOSB
    • o   Formed JV called True North JV, with 39 Degrees North
    • o   NEW - VA CEDAR IDIQ, Pending IDIQ
    • ·         Joel Nordstrom, Nordstrom, Video Production, Dayton HQ
    • o   Fast Rope Video on Capabilities: What you do, Social Status, Where you are willing to help, Where you need help
    • ·         David Dodds, ICS, Montgomery HQ
    • o   Army HITS (R), High Performance Computing Center Support, Award Pending
    • o   Dayton Wright AFCEA Luncheon, Thu Dec 19, Holiday Inn, Col Rico Johns, 16th AF
    • ·         Gary Brown, Vana Solutions, Dayton HQ
    • ·         Yvonne Vermillion, Segue Technologies
    • o   Involved in AFCEA and WID. WID meets second Thu, AFCEA third Thu
    • o   Need Volunteers for Dayton Wright AFCEA Summit planning team. Reach out to Yvonne.

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