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    Attending in NCR: Melvin & Paul-Cougaar, Kristian-Mastermind, Jeff-Unisys, Angela-EX NIHILO, Jon-IronArch, Neil-Dynamis, Dale-Geneva SW, Richard-RDGS

    Call In: Mike-IMC, Jim-Proposal Support, Dave-Segue, Larry-PnAutomation, Dennis-Akima, Shof-OST, Curtis-Covenant Park    

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Speaker Notes:  See Slides.  Melvin-Cougaar SW; Digital Living Plan; ActiveEdge; AI Solutions-CADES-OTA, DRAM-OTA (Field test, development), IBAM, CASPER-OTA; 30 OTAs in DoD; OTA Types (Consortium-member, Individual, Non Traditional-Small Business);OTAs-Cycle (White Paper-if interested will ask for a proposal, $0-$500 to become a member for SBs, Adhoc Topics (lot of times there is a ringer);Some OTAs have FAR  clauses; reports; OTA Interest Group on LinkedIn;     

    Member Notes:

    Round Table

    • ·         Melvin-Cougaar: Needs Mid-Level Java Developers, PMs, and a Billing & Admin person.  Also, looking to team on JAIC-Joint Warfighting National Mission Initiative w/RFP expected in Early March.  www.cougaarsoftware.com
    • ·         Neil-Dynamis: Has an Air Force AI OTA, Support Chem Bio Nuke initiatives, OTA process averaging about 103 days with FAR based taking 59 days.  There is an industry group on LinkedIn called CBRNE, buying technology focused on AI/ML, bio sensor collaboration, algorithms.        www.dynamis.com
    • ·         Paul-Cougaar: Emphasis on Data Curation, AI/ML to clean up databases.  www.cougaarsoftware.com
    • ·         Angela-Ex Nihilo: Seeking partners on IT governance, Cyber, and IA.  Can assist with small to midsize IA Programs standups. Assists with FedRAMP initial assessments and prep for 3PAO audits. www.exnihilo-mgmt.com
    • ·         Jon-IronArch: SW Engineering, ServiceNow, Cloud Strategy, Migration, DoD, VA, OASIS SB Pool 1 Awardee.  www.ironarchtechnology.com
    • ·         Dale-Geneva: Full Life Cycle Development, BPR, OAM, MS technology, State Dept., DoD Cleared Facility, Need a partner with salesforce past performance, Oracle Fusion, and Oracle DB.  https://genevasi.com/public/home/services
    • ·         Kristian-MasterMind-USCIS Past performance.  DHS ADAPTS and GSA MAS Schedule, ESB, DevOps, Microservices, Program Management - Reporting, Resource Management, Scheduling, System Lifecycle Management, Software Governance; Business Process Engineering - Systems Design, Modeling, Implementation/Integration, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization; System Design and Architecture – Data Analytics,         IT Strategy, System Design, Cybersecurity, Cloud Migration, Integration and Testing, Systems Implementation and Training; Custom Computer Programming - Needs Analysis, Program Design, Coding, Testing and User/Operator/Programmer Documentation.  www.mastermindmedia.com
    • ·         Jeff Pendry-Unisys:  PTO PM for Unisys.  Soon to be SAIC.  www.unisys.com www.saic.com Jeff, Kristian, and Richard attended the ACT IAC Patent & Trademark (PTO) Industry event on 2/13/20 at PTO in Alexandria.  Met with the CIO Jamie Holcombe and the DCIO Kristin Fuller.  The main points:  Intellectual property is #1; Moving to DevSecOps; Contract vehicles are in flux currently until PTO BOSS is procured; Current Vehicles include ITSS, SDING2 (Future Boss), and CIO Standardization which SAIC holds; Support over 8000 Patent examiners nationwide 24/7; leveraging AI and ML algorithms to augment and enhance searches so these types of capabilities can help drive new efficiencies in how incoming applications are classified for routing and evaluation AND leveraging AI/ML techniques to augment trademark image search capabilities which help identify and reduce improper trademark activities and fraudulent imagery; modernizing hybrid cloud and advanced tools and technologies for NextGen applications and business operations support; Agile/DevSecOps approach to make IT an enterprise team sport while cross-agency teams work on agile IT delivery in a transition from projects to a product oriented approach; Move from 10-14 Agile teams doing development/search to 30-40 teams; There are 4 product lines in the product catalog: Patent, Trademark, Enterprise Business, and Enterprise infrastructure; In terms of technology to procure, moving to microservice-based, decoupled, API-first, and cloud native; Ultimately they want to maintain continuous support, reduce number of contracts/task orders, secure a stronger and more stable vendor, and reduce cost with increased value. 
    • ·         Richard-RDGS: Looking for FR member companies with experience supporting DHA, USCIS, and USACE.  Also, companies with CIO-SP3 SB.  Also, trying to make connections for FR members to team on CIO-SP4 & GSA 8a STARS.  Also, for IT70 (MAS Contract Holders) who just recently completed the latest MOD, you have 30 days from time of execution to update your marketing/rates/line card on GSA Advantage.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-goudie-366453/
    • ·         Dave-Segue: USAF focused, Application development, systems sustainment, Have an IT Modernization SBIR with the Air Force, Navy and USMC focus as well-Tim Harschutz, will be at AFCEA WEST in case others are attending, Dave is the AFCEA Midwest Regional VP.  MITS on May 20, AF LCMC event.    www.seguetech.com
    • ·         Mike Metz-IMC: VETS 2 GWAC Prime, DHS work, CIOSP3 SDV.  Pursuing an Air Force Financials Mgmt. opp and wants to partner.  http://imcva.com/government.html
    • ·         Jim Marshall-Proposal Support:  Won DTIC IAC MAC and a T38 Contract.   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-marshall-5388645/
    • ·         Larry-PnAutomation: Civilian, DoD (Mobility Solution), USAID, Bureau of Global Health, web services, agile devops, devsecops, IOT with USDA, CMMI III & ISO 9001 and 20001.  Looking for a full time HR person.  Looking at a DHA Seaporte Nexgen opp dealing with cloud and migration and needs a partner.   http://pnautomation.com/
    • ·         Shof-OST: Agile, DevOps, 60/40 DoD to Civilian, cyber.   http://www.ostglobal.com/contact-us/
    • ·         Curtis-Covenant Park: SB, resilience, continuity, emergency management, disaster recovery.  https://covenantpark.com/
    • ·         Dennis-Akima: http://www.akima.com/services/




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