St. Louis Fast Rope Meeting Notes June, 25 2020

  • 27 Jul 2020 7:25 AM
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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Dial-In Attendees: Connie Crome (Diligent Consulting), Joni Ahlers (Segue), David Dodds (ICS), Steve Hannaford (Illumination Works), Dude Underwood (LMI), David Hart (Seque), Dennis Lucey (Akima), Dele Ojelabi (Comcentia), Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta), Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST), Jim Vinarskai (Coley & Assoc), Al Mink (Spirit Systems), Dan Wiley (Peraton), Greg Harris (S4), Wade “Ruppy” Rupper (Telos), Tony Borgia (FedITC), Neil Cohen (Dynamis)

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Member Notes:

    Joni Ahlers (Segue Technologies) – joni.ahlers@seguetech.com

    • o   If you are new to FastRope, consider becoming a member and complete a profile in the portal so that you are searchable for needs/leads
    • o   Dayton Wright AFCEA is offering its ITIL 4 Foundation Training virtually August 19-21
    • §  Course and test voucher $999
    • §  https://daytonwrightafcea.wildapricot.org/event-3725026
    • §  If you are Junior Military (E5/6 or O1-3) or Civilian GS-11 or below? DWAFCEA will reimburse 50% of the cost of the registration upon successful completion of the certification (proof of certification will be required). You do not have to be a member but we of course encourage it
    • o   SBIR continuation
    • §  Low code no code, cloud migration
    • ·         Always looking for opportunities
    • o   Virtual work environment
    • o   WW2R – limited weekend activity https://warriorwtr.com/
    • §  July 11th
    • ·         Alumni still coming in
    • ·         Not open to the public 

    Connie Crome (Diligent Consulting)connie.crome@diligent-us.com

    Al Mink (Systems Spirit) - almink@systemsspirit.com

    • ·         Image analysis and UAV client
    • o   Anything in the need let Al know
    • ·         AFA Northern VA Gabriel Chapter Virtual Lunch Meeting July 8th
    • o   Guest speaker is Lieutenant General Anthony J. Cotton, Air Force Global Strike Command and Deputy Commander, Air Force Strategic-Air, U.S. Strategic Command, Barksdale AFB, LA. 
    • ·         USTRANSCOM ITSM – Interesting in talking

    David Dodds (ICS) – david.dodds@icinc.com

    • ·         SB based in Montgomery, AL
    • ·         4th Estate work – Looking for DISA Partners

    Dude Underwood (LMI) – dunderwood@lmi.org

    • ·         Supports NGA HQ Construction project in St Louis (construction scheduling)

    Steve Hannaford (Illumination Works) - steve.hannaford@ilwllc.com

    • ·         SBEAs work increasing (SBEAS Prime through their JV)
    • ·         Navy – started work doing Data cleansing using AI
    • o   Esp Data Science and Predictive Analysis
    • ·         SIBR work

    David Hart (Segue Technologies)david.hart@seguetech.com  

    • ·         GSA Alliant – DEAMS

    Jim Vinarskai (Coley and Associates) – jvinarskai@coleyassociates.com

    • ·         SDVOSB, Interested in speaking at a Fast Rope
    • ·         Commercial Conferences are starting up in Vegas
    • ·         Launching FedMAP (Capture Management training on-line)
    • ·         Looking for a Medical BD person for something unique (AF Health IT)

    Dennis Lucey (Akima) – dennis.lucey@akima.com

    • ·         Based in DC, but lots of work at Scott AFB
    • ·         Virtual Luncheon Ft Belvoir July 22

    Greg Harris (S4) – gharris@s4inc.com

    • ·         SMD Symposium is going to be virtual August 4-6 in Huntsville
    • ·         OASIS Pool 3 SB Awardee
    • ·         Focusing on Cyber security

    Dele Ojelabi (Comcentia) – info@comcentia.com

    • ·         In Wisconsin, 8(a) company
    • ·         Draft of 8(a) STARS III released (interested in teaming)
    • ·         ERP, SAP, etc.
    • ·         Attended EAGLE SB conference in Rock Island (Virtual)

    Curt Piontkowsky (Perspecta) – curt.piontkowsky@perspecta.com  

    • ·         Nothing for this month

    Tony Borgia (FedITC) – aborgia@feditc.com

    • ·         Busy with OASIS, ITES, etc.
    • ·         Award on OASIS

    Neil Cohen (Dynamis) – ncohen@dynamis.com

    • ·         1 July begins new year on CBRNE Industry Group
    • ·         Check LinkedIn for more info

    Carl “Shof” Shofner (OST) – CSHofner@ostglobal.com

    • ·         Mid-size Company; quals in SAFE, SAFE/Agile Coaching
    • ·         Interested in PEO Digital and work in San Antonio

    Dan Wiley (Peraton) –  dwiley@peraton.com

    • ·         Scott AFB and DTRA are his areas
    • ·         USTRANSCOM ITSM – possibly LB and SB opportunities

    Wade “Ruppy” Rupper (Telos) – wade.rupper@telos.com

    • ·         Ruppy is based in Dayton
    • ·         BG Rob Lyman: Left Scott AFB as the USTRANSCOM J6 in the first part of June to head to the Cyber Effects Operations and Asst Chief Deputy CIO, Digital Transformation HQs USAF Pentagon.
    • ·         Brig Gen Michelle Hayworth: Left 16th AF out of USAF San Antonio to become the USTRANSCOM J6 but is not yet on station.
    • ·          Col Mark Bradley:  USTRANSCOM/J6 Deputy. He has been there since mid-Feb/early March 20.  He is a MO ANG member but will be at USTC on military orders for the next 2+ years.
    • ·         Ms. Lynn Schug: USTRANSCOM/J6 Civilian Exec Director (SES Level 1: One-star civilian equivalent).  She has been on station about 9 months and came from Military Sealift Command.
    • ·         Col Ivan Herwick: Departed as the USTC/J6O (Defensive Cyber Operations and DODIN Ops) Division Chief to become the new 88th Comm Group Commander at WPAFB.  Not sure who his replacement is yet but Mr. Patrick Grimsley is running the Directorate - GS-15.

    Next Meeting:  23 July 2020, 8-9am CST


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