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    Joni Ahlers (Administrator)

    Attending in Dayton: Inline with notes

    Upcoming Industry Events:

    Member Notes:

    Round Table

    • ·         Joni Ahlers Segue- Dayton joni.ahlers@seguetech.com
    • o   If you are new to FastRope, consider becoming a member and complete a profile in the portal so that you are searchable for needs/leads
    • o   Many date changes for events so please see the calendar in the portal for 2020 & 2021 events
    • ·         David Hart – Segue Technologies david.hart@seguetech.com
    • o   Segue is tracking on these three opportunities at WPAFB, OH – Happy to chat with interested partners.
    • o   NASIC COMMUNICATIONS AND ENTERPRISE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT IDIQ (COMET) https://beta.sam.gov/opp/5da43d8fc51c4b3ca3861a896b5a4665/view?keywords=intelligence&sort=-modifiedDate&index=opp&is_active=true&page=1
    • §  The Department of the Air Force, Office of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AF/A2), National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) has a continuing requirement for communications and enterprise information technology support (COMET).
    • §  Contract Expires 10/31/2021
    • https://beta.sam.gov/opp/2ac79685b5b14c3ba64656b0a9331c0a/view
    • o   The Department of the Air Force, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) has a requirement for contract support for research, development, and sustainment of new and existing hardware, systems, and software capabilities enabling scientific and technical intelligence production for the United States Air Force (USAF,) the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Level intelligence efforts. These requirements are currently encompassed within the following contract vehicles:
    • Advanced Technical Exploitation Program (ATEP II): FA860415D7975, FA860415D7976, FA860415D7977
    • AVIPSS7: GS00Q14OADU325
    • CASP II: GS05Q15BMA0015
    • FAST IV: GS05Q15BMA0021, GS05Q15BMA0022
    • FME III: GS00F063CA
    • HAVESTAR VII: GS05Q15BMA0030
    • IMD: GSQ0515BMA0013
    • SESS III: GS05Q17BMA0005, GS05Q17BMA0006
    • IMD II: 47QFLA19A0018, 47QFLA19A0020, 47QFLA19A0021
    • https://beta.sam.gov/opp/20d7dbc5eacc4ed685510259e68bc8ec/view
    • §  The Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Agile Combat Support Directorate, Simulators Division, Air Combat Training Systems Branch (AFLCMC/WNSPB) requirement for the performance-based acquisition of training systems which encompasses the tasks of analysis, design, development, production, installation, integration, test, database generation and sustainment.
    • ·         Draft RFP: November 2020
    • ·         Industry Day at I/ITSEC: November 2020
    • ·         RFP Release: February 2021
    • FastRope will have a takeaway session on Friday, August 28, 2020 from 0800-0900 EST

    Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower (AFITC) conference

    Aug 24-27, 2020 - Check the website, www.afitc-event.com

    AFITC 2020 Keynote Speakers

    The AFITC Education and Training Event will feature a variety of public and private sector experts and key decision makers. A few of the speakers you can expect to see at this year's virtual event are:

    ·         Gen Stephen W. Wilson, Vice Chief of Staff

    ·         Mr. Arthur G. Hatcher, SAF/CN

    ·         Lt Gen Timothy Haugh, 16th AF/CC

    ·         Gen Arnold Bunch, Jr. AFMC/CC

    ·         Lt Gen Mary F. O'Brien, AF A2/6

    ·         Maj Gen Kimberly A. Crider, US Space Force

    ·         Lt Gen Christopher P. Weggeman, Deputy Commander, ACC

    We're also excited to be adding senior level executives from IBM, UPS and Tri-Facta to lecture/keynote sessions. While speakers are still being added, continue to visit the Preliminary Agenda page to view the most recent conference agenda updates, including keynote speakers.

    ·         Fletcher Previn, CIO, IBM

    ·         Scott Price, CSTO, UPS

    ·         Adam Wilson, CEO, Tri-Facta

    • ·         Jim Abercrombie – Trek10 jim@trek10.com   
    • ·         Janice Adams – Flairsoft Ltd janice.adams@flairsoft.net   
    • ·         David Babcock – The Greentree Group dbabcock@greentreegroup.com
    • ·         Ruth Bowers – CSA   ruth.bowers@csaassociates.com
    • ·         Douglas Brook – Peerless Technologies   douglas.brook@epeerless.com
    • ·         Neil Cohen – Dynamis Inc ncohen@dynamis.com  
    • o   GSA – Managing of all facilities (Emergency Management)
    • o    Veterans’ Health Affairs
    • §  Looking for anyone with PP
    • §  Managing all hospitals
    • §  IT Division
    • ·         Bill Cox – PTAC
    • ·         Stephanie Davis -
    • ·         David Dodds – ICS david.dodds@icsinc.com
    • o   Innovation in Military Aviation conference -   International  Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) Virtual August 31- September 03, 2020. 
    • §  Register at https://iaoip.org
    • ·         For a discount use PROMO code “ICS200” to get $200 off registration up till 31 August
    • ·         Abe Dorph -
    • ·         Nathan Garcia – Garsan Solutions   nathan.garcia@GARSANsolutions.com
    • o   Congratulations on obtaining 8a status
    • §  We are looking for opportunities to team and chase 8(a) opportunities
    • ·         Billy Grill - Rebel Marketing
    • o   August 18th Beta.SAM (FBO/FPDS) Training - https://center-gateway.com/2/gateway/01700M/events/event_detail;event_id=57143
    • o   I’m also giving a SAM presentation on September 3rd with Masonbrink, but not sure if he has a link to register yet.
    • o   FPDS will be retired October 17th and Beta.SAM will be the reports function - https://interact.gsa.gov/blog/fpds-reports-functions-complete-integration-betasamgov-oct-17
    • o   That was a GREAT presentation by Mike, some of the things he mentioned such as SAM Registration and Beta.SAM posting is something I help clients with ALL THE TIME through PTAC. So if anyone in FastRope needs assistance or has questions feel free to post my info to contact. We help small and large businesses free of charge, although with large businesses it has to be a specific opportunity. Most people don’t realize we can help those big guys
    • ·         Steve Hannaford – Illumination Works LLC steve.hannaford@ilwllc.com  
    • ·         Ron Hartke – Ardent Technologies ronhartke@ardentinc.com  
    • ·         Scott Hopper – Client Solutions Architects scott.hopper@csaassociates.com
    • o   Bring Navy quals to AF
    • §  AFMC, Epass
    • §  AFLCMC
    • ·         Jeff Ingram – Checkmarx    jeff.ingram@checkmarx.com
    • ·         Mike Kershner
    • ·         Gene Lee – American Systems   gene.lee@americansystems.com   
    • o   August 20-21 Space Warfighting Conference (Colorado Springs) SB/Large NDIA
    • o   Has the Comet slides will share with Joni to post to the portal
    • o   Gene to contact Irv Ramirez on Info & Mission Service opportunity
    • ·         Dennis Lucey – AKIMA dennis.lucey@akima.com  
    • ·         Jim Masonbrink – WBI james.masonbrink@wbi-innovates.com
    • o    Small Business Hub has a Collider coming up - Classified Contracts: Facility Clearance Process & Expectations - Aug 27, 2pm - 4pm
    • ·         Michael Metz – Innovative Management Concepts, Inc   mmetz@imcva.com   
    • o   IRS, Treasury - Vets2 opps
    • o   CIOSP3 SDVO - DHS opps
    • ·         Rich Mittleman – Choice CyberSecurity rich@choicecybersecurity.com
    • o   See attached document on CMMC Risk Assessment Overview document outlining CMMC requirements and our process to assist DoD Government Contractors as they prepare for the CMMC audit.
    • ·         Frank Millar – Bowhead
    • ·         Al Mink – Systems Spirit  almink@systemsspirit.com
    • o   AF IT Day - Dayton Speaker
    • §  Looking for one, if you would like to suggest please share
    • §  F35-IT
    • §  General Bunch – Digital Strategy Out brief (Late Sept reschedule)
    • ·         Gen Cooley – Chris Garrett
    • ·         Lynn Moad – LB Moad Consulting
    • o   Sr Leader
    • §  McCowan – AFMC A4 (sara Keller replacement)
    • §  DeAngelo – Tinker
    • o   AFMC Digital Engineering Campaign Virtual Industry Exchange Day
    • §  https://go.usa.gov/xwSrh
    • §  http://www.afmc.af.mil/Digital/
    • ·         Joel Nordstrom – Nordstrom Films joel@nordstromfilms.com  
    • ·         Dele Ojelabi – Comcentia
    • ·         Curtis Piontkowsky – Perspecta piontkowskyc@gmail.com  
    • ·         Irv Ramirez – Peerless irv.ramirez@epeerless.com
    • o   There will be a virtual industry day for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division on Aug 20 at 10am.  Register at: https://buytickets.at/nswcddcorporatecommunications/405981
    • ·         Wade Rupper “Ruppy” – Telos Corp wade.rupper@telos.com
    • o   Medium size company
    • §  Sept 9-10 (Alexandria VA) http://tacticalcommunications.dsigroup.org/
    • ·         Mary M Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA  Tactical Comm Summit - Lt Gen Shwedo, Dr. Mike Zatman, Brig Gen Raduege - ACC/A6 and Col King at LMCMC PEO (hanscom) are key notes.
    • ·         Shof – OST
    • o   ACT 3 looking for teammates RI at Rome
    • o   Regarding VETS 2 IRS work, OST has some excellent IRS quals if a VETS 2 prime needs a teammate.
    • ·         Srujal Sheth – Vana Solutions
    • ·         Robert Speer -
    • ·         Jim Vinarskai – Coley & Associates Inc fastrope@coleygts.com
    • o   SDV (San Antonio)
    • o   BD opening
    • §  GSA  - aerospace, medical company
    • §  Remote doesn’t have to be located in San Antonio

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