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Founded in 1999, S4 Inc. offers a full range of mission-critical information technology (IT), program management, and engineering & technical support services to US Government and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We provide innovative and responsive solutions that deliver crucial information to our nation's warriors and decision makers.
Corporate Core Capabilities
Focus on A&AS, with emphasis on Systems Engineering, Quality Assurance, Systems Security Documentation, Certification Processing, Verification & Validation, Requirements Reviews and Recommendations, Product Life Cycle Management, Engineering Studies. We also do Program Management, Exercise & Contingency Planning, Strategic Planning, Studies/Analysis/Evaluations, Acquisition Management, Configuration Management, Administrative Support, Workflow Management, and Training. On Enterprise IT, we perform Network and Information Security, Information Assurance, Computer Network Defense, C&A, Policy and Planning, Requirements Analysis, Network Engineering, Web Page Development/Maintenance, Database Administration, Software Application Development, Facility Engineering. We do multiple Help Desks, Systems Operations, COOP and Disaster Recovery Planning, and Network Operations and Maintenance.
Contract Vehicles
ITES3-S SMB, Oasis Pool 3 SMB, NOAA NMITS, TA2S, USAMS III, GSA IT Schedule 70, Seaport E to include all regions, ETASS II, and PASS II.
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ISO 9001

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