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Adam has been a successful senior executive, technologist and entrepreneur in the telecomm industry for more than 20 years. Adam has demonstrated success in complex technology deployments, as well as strategic planning, corporate development M&A, business development, operations and general management. This experience also includes several significant liquidity events for shareholders.

Adam has had significant experience In the design, deployment, and operation of cyber offense/defense, fiber, cellular, point-to-point and other communications networks in the US, Asia and SE Asia. Included in these deployments are 5G, MPLS, spread spectrum, BLOS, low latency and various Metro and long-haul fiber networks.

Prior to Waterleaf Adam was the President and CEO of T3 Communications Inc. www.t3com.net a next generation CLEC based in Florida.

Waterleaf is a CMMC provider, as an RPO, Certified Assessor and C3PAO. Waterleaf wholly owns Barquin Solutions a SB providing Data Science and based in Washington, DC. Waterleaf is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL.
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  • Cyber Round Table Forum
  • Industry Member - Army, Aberdeen, MD
  • Industry Member - AT LARGE
  • Industry Member - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Industry Member - National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Industry Member - Tampa, FL
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541330, 541715, 541512, Cybersecurity, CMMC, NIST, CIS, Intelligence Community, RF engineering, Network Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
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GSA 70
Seaport NexGen
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We have designed, built and/or participated in the development of the following projects:
USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Grants Data Warehouse)
GSA (Integrated Acquisition Environment Data Mart)
DHS/ICE (Decision-Support Environment)
DHS/TSA (HRExpress)
DFAS (IT System tracking)
GSA (PBS Rent Estimate Data Mart)
HUD (Online Property Integrated Information System)
Patent and Trademark Office (Finance Data Warehouse)
Bureau of the Census (Advanced Query Facility)
NRTC (KPI System)
FAA (Accidents and Incidents System)
Government of Peru (Tax Audit Data Warehouse)
Industry Certifications
CMMC-AB, RPO, Certified Assessors, C3PAO

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