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Fast Rope Capability Exchange

These sessions are intended to by short, but powerful. The goal is for small and large companies, and government reps to meet up and quickly and efficiently explore capabilities. The event is organized and hosted by Fast Rope, an all-volunteer organization. 

Key Summary below:

  • Reoccurs the First Wed of each month, Noon to 1:00 Eastern.
  • Core topic thread is around IT Capabilities.
  • The session runs 60 minutes, total. Light time commitment.
  • Seven contractors get Seven-minute presentations, three slides max.
  • No Q&A to manage time, broadcast mode only. Contact information provided by presenters in their slides.
  • No cost to attend. Companies presenting must be Fast Rope Members.
  • Agenda with presenters and slides will be posted in advance.
  • Events and slides posted at
  • Info POC: or 

Guidance on Presenter Slides
Only three slides, no Q&A at the end (Broadcast Only), hard stop at 7 minutes. Slides will be posted up on the Fast Rope Portal.
  • Slide 1 Company Overview - Highlights key company information like Contracts, Customers, Capabilities, Certifications, POC Contact Information.
  • Slide 2 Focus Capability - One key piece of work or capability the presenter wants to highlight
  • Slide 3 Needs or Requests - Any specific needs or requests you want to make to industry/government attendees.

Government Invited

  • Most of these are confirmed already - SBA, Ohio PTAC, WBI Collider, AFLCMC SB Office, AFMC SB Office, AFRL SB Office, Other Agency Representatives are welcome.

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