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There are many ways to network with peers, advertise your services, collect market insight, identify pursuit and team with partners to win federal contracts. However, two things quickly stand out when you immerse yourself in business development and capture 1) Useful market intelligence is critical and 2) Trust filled relationships are indispensable. Fast Rope gets at both of these factors. It's not just about quantity of information and relationships, it's about the quality. Fast Rope will accelerate your ability to collaborate and win contracts.

Fast Rope does not take the place of other large Government to Industry Professional Associations like AFCEA, NDIA and many others, rather it compliments them and serves as an invaluable Peer to Peer Industry Forum where industry partners share useful insights and seek opportunities with each other to team and win work. Government are encouraged to search the member directory, but are restricted from viewing the Peer to Peer Industry Member Forums Online.

Contact Fast Rope Directly with comments, questions and/or suggestions.

Member Benefits and Tools to Accelerate your Success

  • National network of members to tap into as a resource.
  • Monthly regional round table meetings that allow members to build deep relationships and share useful market insight.
  • Shared meeting notes across all monthly Regional Round Tables.
  • Member Directory that provides industry and government agencies to research Fast Rope Member capability, customers, contracts, certifications, socio-economic status, NAICS Codes and more.
  • Forums that allow members to share information with members across the country that include: Round Table Notes, Member Capabilities Brief Forum, Acquisition Forum, Agency Forum, Teaming Forum, Open Job Positions, Seeking Employment Forum and others.

What Fast Rope is…

  • Founded Sep 2009, Dayton, Ohio.
  • Small Group of trusted peers with a great deal of common ground and potential synergy.
  • Regional Round Table meetings to exchange useful information.
  • Useful Information and relationships are the currency.
  • Because this groups are relationship based people are members more so than companies.
  • Meetings are currently held in Dayton, DC, San Antonio, and other new market areas.
  • New members are typically invited in by existing members.
  • Focus is quality…not quantity.

What Fast Rope is NOT…

  • Not a large complex professional industry association with lots of rules and by laws.
  • Not a small highly focused pursuit team with NDAs and contracts in place, but hopefully this forum leads to these opportunities.
  • Not a highly diverse mastermind group with little in common as business developers.
  • Not a high volume B to B networking group with low familiarity among members.
  • Not a place to be a taker/sponge that does not actively engage their peers.

Fast Rope

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