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Ohio PTAC Procurement Counselor

The Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) program assists Ohio small businesses in obtaining and performing local, state and federal government contracts, thereby creating a positive and measurable impact on the economy.

As a PTAC Procurement Counselor I assist this mission by helping small business clients prepare for and navigate the government contract procurement process. I help small businesses through various channels including:

One on One Counseling
Educational Events and Outreach
Bid match and announcements
Networking and teaming assistance
Business and resource partner referrals

These channels provide the necessary assistance for small businesses to identify their offerings and value propositions for the government space, target potential organizations and customers, prepare their business for the rigors of government requirements, and become familiar with the government contracting and procurement process.

May 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)Dayton, Ohio Area
Rebel Marketing is a small passion project of mine. It is an effort to help small businesses, start ups and non profits effectively build and execute their marketing ideas. I help them understand strategy, technology and simplify their marketing so that they can execute quickly and efficiently.

I believe in working with shoestring budgets and big challenges. Innovation is born of necessity and Rebel likes it that way! Rebel's goals and values purposely exclude any mention of profit, my goal is to provide value and knowledge, the rest will work itself out naturally.

Rebel is your strategic adviser, marketing technologist, small business advocate and most importantly part of your community. Some of the services we provide include:

Marketing Planning and Strategy
Website and Content Planning
Website Builds and Marketing Integration
Troubleshooting, Redirect Hacks, Base64 Hacks
Joomla to Wordpress Migration
Branding and Loyalty Programs
Tradigital Marketing Campaigns

For more information on how Rebel can help go to or just give me a shout and we can chat.
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