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Business Development Coordinator for Segue Technologies, responsible for identifying, qualifying, building pursuits and assisting the VP of Business Development for Federal clients.
I joined Segue Technologies in 2018 and stand at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trends: Modernization & Agile Services. I am building a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building out teams. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and growth, between Segue and myself we are moving with technology at a rapid pace addressing the needs of the Warfighter.
I am very passionate about establishing and leveraging relationships.
I am an avid member of AFCEA and the Vice President of Programs. I have taken leadership positions previously in the Dayton-Wright AFCEA chapter including chairing the annual Valentine’s Ball/Spring Event which is now Casino Night. Bringing government and industry together is the only way our future will continue to succeed in positively impacting the warfighter.
I am very involved in the Dayton community and volunteers with numerous organizations. She is a member of the Associate Board- Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and an officer for Women with Heart Networking Group. She is very involved with Blue Skies for Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation 501c3, which hosts over 50 Combat Injured/Purple Heart Warriors and Fallen Hero/Gold Star Families over the course of 4 days providing enriching, life changing experiences that facilitate new friendships and emotional healing and bonding. Volunteering at the USO located on WPAFB is where you might also find her.
I passionate about volunteering, creating lasting memories, traveling, and spending time with my husband Brent and eight year old son Caleb.
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Segue Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetra Tech Inc. Segue supports Federal and DoD organizations develop and enhance mission-critical business systems

We provide custom software applications, solve data management problems, and support the evolution of the mobile workforce. As your Information Technology partner, we transition you from systems and processes that aren’t working, to custom IT services that help you save money, improve performance, and work more efficiently. We define the solution by starting with your business needs.

Segue takes a business-focused approach to our projects, using technology as a means to solving a problem rather than pushing a predefined tool. In developing effective, modern, applications, we account for the problems that our clients seek to overcome, as well as the goals they wish to achieve. Our emphasis on forming IT partnerships with our customers is the cornerstone of the longstanding relationships we’ve enjoyed during our corporate history.

Tetra Tech, Inc. is a leading Software Engineering, support, and management consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. Within Tetra Tech, Segue is part of an international network of service providers for mission-critical Information Technology support services, including business transformation, identity management, information security and cybersecurity, business process re-engineering, enterprise system architecture and development, geospatial analysis, and data analytics.
Corporate Core Capabilities
Segue projects focus on the following core competency areas. As the Prime contractor on nearly all of our projects, we have the corporate experience and current resources to support similar tasks. As a lead, our management processes and experience fully support executing this work. As a partner, we can offer full competency in these areas from proposal support through execution.
System Modernization
Full Lifecycle Development
Segue Discovery Process
Prototype Development
BPM Platforms No/Low Code
Cloud Migration
Continual Integration/Delivery (CI/CD)
Sustainment and Enhancement
Migration and Integration
Administration and Support
Enterprise Data Management
Advanced Data Analytics
Multiple / Large Data Source Ingestion and Cleansing
Business Intelligence Tool Implementation
Data Visualization
Federal Standards Support
DIACAP to RMF Conversion
SFIS Compliance
FIAR Compliance
Contract Vehicles
GSA IT70, Seaport NxG, DOI BPA
Past Performance
AETC Graduate Training Information Management System (G/TIMS)
A1M Manpower MPA Man-day Management System Support (M4S)
AOCSS Command & Control Weapon System Part Task Trainer (C2WSPTT)
AOC Communications and Training Tool (ACTT)
AFMSA Contract Tracking Database Support (COMPASS)
AFRL Enterprise Business System (EBS) Support
Expeditionary Operations School, Aircraft Maintenance Production Simulator (AMPS)A1MZ Manpower Programming and Execution System (MPES)
AFLCMC Stock Control System (SCS)
SAF/FMF Automated Funds Management (AFM)
SAF/CIO Information Technology Investment Portfolio System (ITIPS)
SAF/AQ Application Development and Business Intelligence
AFLCMC Automated Business Services System (ABSS)
HQ AFSPC Modeling & Simulation for Space and Cyberspace (MSSC)
Marine Corps Range and Training Area Management System (MCRTAMS)
Marine Corps Network Operations Support Center (MCNOSC)
Naval Higher Education IT Consortium (NHEITC)
Industry Certifications
CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001: 2015, TS Facility Clearance

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