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Neil Cohen

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Hexagon US Federal
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Corporate Growth professional with over thirty years of experience in commercial and govcon.
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Continuing on a long-standing heritage, Hexagon US Federal proudly supports a broad range of US Government customers across the Federal Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence Communities delivering mission critical solutions. Whether supporting end-user Government customers directly or by partnering with their private industry partners, Hexagon US Federal is dedicated to enabling our nation’s warfighters, contributing to the success of our national security priorities, and ensuring effectiveness for Civilian agencies in the pursuit of well-being for nation’s citizens.
Corporate Core Capabilities
Geospatial production services
Cartographic Web Services
Space and Earth research
Instrument Engineering
Custom aerospace hardware development
Modeling and Simulation
Systems Engineering
IT Services
Enterprise Data Integration and Transfer
Electronic Records Management and Declassification
Portable/Towable Modular Structures
Aircraft Maintenance Planning
Ruggedized Equipment
Configuration Management Solutions
Computer Aided Dispatch
Law Enforcement Records Management
Incident and Emergency Management
Comprehensive All Hazards approach
Industrial Enterprise Operational Efficiency Improvement
Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology Automation and Cyber Resilience
Contract Vehicles
Seaport NextGen
Past Performance
Hexagon US Federal Case Studies
Our products, solutions, and capabilities are used in a variety of environments by DoD, intelligence community, federal civilian, and public safety customers. Read through some of our case studies below.

NAVSEA 3D Visualization Case Study
Huntington Ingalls LPD 17 Case Study
To learn more about how our solutions can meet your needs, view our Products and Solutions.

Case Studies from Hexagon
As an independent subsidiary of Hexagon Corporation we are exclusively focused on bringing the broad range of Hexagon technologies to the US Federal government and its partners. In addition to our Hexagon US Federal case studies, the following case studies are from our parent company, Hexagon AB:

Geospatial Case Studies from Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division
Implementing an Imagery Management System at Mexican Navy
Securing the 2012 Olympic Games in London with ERDAS APOLLO
U.S. Border Patrol Enters New Era of Mapping Intelligence
Anchorage Reducing Wildfire Risk with ERDAS IMAGINE
Bluecham Provides Decision-makers with Access to Remote Sensing Information
Capturing and Delivering Digital Imagery of the Netherlands
Combating West Nile Virus with Remote Sensing
Conservationists Collaborate to Save Giant Pandas
ERDAS Software Used to Reconstruct Ruins
Fisheries Manage Infrastructure and Increase Production
Hexagon Geospatial's Cloud-Based Solution Helps Map Entire Country of Germany
Powerlink - Asset Information Hub
Aurora Energy Simplifies Workflows and Streamlines Communication
Mornington Peninsula Shire - Centralized and Integrated Asset Management
Improving City Property Management in Virginia Beach
407 ETR - Field Inspection Workflows for Transportatio
Digital Reality Capture Technologies from Hexagon's Geosystems Division
Homicide Scene Documentation with 3D Laser Scanning
Two Domestic Terrorist Attacks Documented with Leica ScanStation
Mapping underwater terrain with bathymetric LiDAR
Reality Capture plays central role in National Geographic’s Lost Cities with Albert Lin
Records Management from Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division
US Coast Guard Investigative Service
Industry Certifications
ISO 9001:2015
CMMI Level 3

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